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Martini 03/2021

by Ideegut

12th year - 129th issue PRICELESS The optimistic city magazine March 2021 A magazine from “I look for goodness first” When treasures The Wernigerode-based Sandra Giebel has Halberstadt in her heart The Berend Lehmann Museum experiences a ... More

12th year - 129th issue PRICELESS The optimistic city magazine March 2021 A magazine from “I look for goodness first” When treasures The Wernigerode-born Sandra Giebel has Halberstadt in her heart The Berend Lehmann Museum is getting a makeover. closed. Photo: Dana Toschner, “The glass is half full” ideas 85-year-old Heinz Witzler in the “Late Years” series MARTINI 1 Less

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12th year - 129th issue PRICELESS The optimistic city magazine March 2021 A magazine from “I look for goodness first” When treasures The Wernigerode-based Sandra Giebel has Halberstadt in her heart The Berend Lehmann Museum is getting a makeover. closed. Photo: Dana Toschner, “The glass is half full” ideas 85-year-old Heinz Witzler in the “Late Years” series MARTINI 1

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... tell me ... Even in demanding times we are Photo: private Your reliable Why are you angry? Partner! “I think there are quite a few good reasons to be angry at the moment - for example the problem of racism or climate change about the opening times of our housing market. With our new 'The Jeals' album please inform yourself on our website or we want to draw your attention to these problems and on site. get rid of this anger a little too. It is called 'Rage Generation', which translates as 'Anger Generation'. I am totally happy that we can help you and advise you, despite the difficult times. Completion of the situation between the two lockdowns Telephone 03941 665-100. Our band fund was empty because of a canceled tour in 2020, but many fans have donated and now the album can be released. We got the school band existence behind us with, The Jeals ’Arrived and left behind and are under contract with a professional label. The founding members only feel good! two people from Halbertstadt - our singer Leonie and me. Oli comes from Thale, Britta and Tony from Halle. We do punk rock and address climate and environmental protection, tolerance, cosmopolitanism and self-determination in our songs. I think it's extremely important to have discussions with people, because that's the only way to initiate changes in people's minds. And that's what we want. ”HaWoGe Wohnungsmarkt • Fischmarkt 9 • 38820 Halberstadt E-Mail [email protected] • János Hielscher is the drummer for“ The Jeals ”. The 23-year-old from Halberstadt is studying in Halle and is looking forward to the new album "Rage Generation". From April 9th, it will be available on streaming portals (e.g. on Spotify). If you want to support the musicians, you can buy it on CD here: [email protected] MARTINI 3

Photo: Christian Fischer "First I look for 4 MARTINI for goodness"

There are probably not many Sandra Giebel. "When I went to the interview in Halberstadt for the Wernigerode interview, I said to my colleagues at the time in Halberstadt in their Wernigerode: I will meet there today, I will either have a future friend or my future boss." As Sandra Giebel. She had applied for the job as a pedagogical 43-year-old head of the Halberstädter Werkstätten after she got to know Viertel Diakonie Werkstätten at a conference and found him and not only feels sympathetic straight away. “In the dormitory in which I had worked for almost ten years at her place of work, I simply didn't want to be at home, but also with veterans,” she explains her decision at the time. “Although I am connected to the city. A person felt well bedded there, I had a wonderful visit to a woman, such a team. When we parted there were tears on both sides. ”She liked to take responsibility In the dormitory“ Zum Guten Hir- takes over, her employees ”in Wernigerode, she saw it as a treasure during her rehabilitation education studies and started as an intern. Fears of touch when climbing rock were alien to her even then. “My grandma was in this home with her a lot. Years night nurse, she took me there as a little girl. I found that people with intellectual disabilities were much cooler than the adults ✍ Dana Toschner that I usually knew. They drove me around in the wheelbarrow, not behaving so stiffly and seriously. I liked her. ”The young student was able to allow the closeness that arose when she accompanied the residents to vacation camps and decided to start at the“ Good Shepherd ”after completing her studies. “In such a living environment, the relationship that the small office looks like that you set up is completely different from that in the workshop the day before yesterday. I wasn’t only occupied first. On the one who wiped their bums, there was a desk if they needed help, but a bottle of apple-ginger juice. Next to it are a few documents, including the one that said goodnight in the evening. “After a few years she was there, but there is a lot of nothing on the walls. No family photos, no colorful manager, had basic business knowledge Schöne in view via distance learning! stift-Kinderbilder, no calendar with deeply appropriated and was responsible for meaningful wisdom. “I need the house with its 80 mentally handicapped- A colorful bouquet of flowers, none of that,” says Sandra Giebel to the underarmed residents. “There was no such thing as a jerk while she had a look out of the evening because I always caressed my soul and had a delighted window on the cloud-shrouded sky,” says Sandra Giebel. the heart. We deliver him or she throws mel, which today is particularly low “That only worked because I pick one up: Monday to Friday depends on the industrial park. I have a very emancipated man and my- The only decorative element - if a family supports me. My grandma is allowed to call it that at all from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. - at that time my daughter brought me to and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. very narrow, almost fragile look - breastfeeding in the home. ”of the wooden cross that its predecessor can. On this family support, information on Jürgen Viertel left when he was still building it in 2014, even if the www.scilla- retired and went back to his grandmother has since passed away and you stay healthy! Home of Chemnitz. The husband has teenage daughters Freja and Alma with the warm Saxon dialect and hardly need any more care. “When the boyish, mischievous smile is home to other mothers who have won many hearts for themselves and I work longer, I have a bad mother feeling during the years in which he sometimes made the local slide,” Konie was in charge of the workshop . She is also available from. >>> Scilla Witte Schachtner KG Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 13 b | 38820 Halberstadt Telephone: 03941 24318

Photos: Jan Arndt, Ideengut WE OFFER YOU COMPLETE ADMINISTRATION FOR YOUR OWN Photo: Dana Toschner, IdeenGut rental apartments, owner associations, commercial properties and single-family houses HAUSMEISTER - full of energy: SERVICE Sandra Giebel's life is as colorful as the wall in the Diakonie workshops. Monitoring of the structural "But on the other hand, I also think it's good that my daughters are pretty much self-care and control at an early age. And my husband and my parents are still there too. ”To the employees with intellectual technical abilities Well Halberstadt, Sandra or mental impairments decided to do small repairs inside and gable in 2011.“ I'm a teacher, I want to explain what's going on The world happens, the outdoors enable people to shape their lives - they shot videos and in simpler terms. I want to create spaces for it. The language explains what corona has to do with interior and exterior cleaning in the home as well as in the one and how you can protect yourself. Garden maintenance workshop. ”For three years she worked as a pedagogue-“ There were so many questions to be answered that gische manager worked in the workshops, I worked 16 hours a day at the time. TALK TO US then Jürgen Viertel suggested to her that she should be and only took a break to sleep to apply for his successor. You needed got. The crisis has taught us a lot, for YOUR INDIVIDUAL there is no long time to think about it. “It runs through, we have grown as a team.” TASKS IN YOUR HOUSE! my life that I never looked for responsibility. She was always attributed to me- One of her values ​​is the belief in the abilities of the others, the trust in RENTAL APARTMENT. ”When she talked about the fate of the community in 2014, the actions of her employees. “I would like the useful GmbH as managing director to feel in you: I have confidence in you.” She took her hands for HIGH QUALITY, she was only 37 years old. The Lebenshilfe and the Cecilienstift, for the talks with the 76 employees who are responsible for the facility, trusted the supervisors and colleagues from her to do this. “In another workshop I would have to take the administration. “I do not need VALUE PRESERVATION myself in such a management position - the human, the contact. I believe advertised. But here I knew what I had. that I know my people very well. "TRUST TENANTS FAIR PRICES There are a wealth of incredibly competent people I work with." She still sees it that way today. The difficult year 2020 in particular showed that the employee Julia Bollmann likes the leadership style of her boss. “She sees the strengths of the individual,” describes the pedagogical director. “Sandra Giebel is a SATISFACTION employee who is the“ treasure ”of the workshops with all her heart and soul and can be CONTACT. Than inspire others in spring because of the Corona. It is a train pandemic, the workshop doors closed horse for us employees and the entire had to stay, was after a short star workshop. We are happy that an unexpected creativity emerged in front of you, behind WOHNEIGENTUM. and to know next to us. ”“ We reorganized ourselves, found ways, but also a healthy distance to hal- Bode Immobilien in order not to keep in touch with each of our 400 employees, the problems with home Verwaltungs GmbH. ”This is how they drove She succeeds well in taking groups, says Sandra Westendorf, sometimes in the dormitories around Giebel. “Corona only has to make a little job offers there. blurred, I was sitting in the home office. There was 38820 Halberstadt Phone: 03941/5888160 E-Mail: [email protected] 6 MARTINI

the cell phone is the most important communication channel. ”Since then, she has come to appreciate the half-hour travel time between her home in Wernigerode and her place of work in Halberstadt even more. “I use it to clean up my head. It is a deliberate farewell and an illustration shows optional equipment. conscious arrival. I like that. ”If she wants to gain distance, she goes into the forest - also likes to be alone in the dark. “My grandma said she found God in the forest, not in church. It's similar to me too. ”Den“ The crisis taught us a lot, as a team we are THE NEW BMW 4 SERIES CONVERTIBLE. grown from it. ”WITH US FROM MARCH 13TH. Experience a new form of freedom: Having people around you all day to talk, to make decisions that resemble independent, progressive aesthetics can be exhausting. “Sometimes the BMW 4 Series Convertible feels like an exception, each of which my life feels too full, then it overcomes the limit. I find the emptiness. ”She finds it at Lau- Arrange your personal test drive now. while meditating, skiing and BMW 420d Cabrio: while climbing. While she is at work, mineral white metallic, leather `Vernasca`Black concentrates on the subject and the problem to be solved, she has an ear at home for variable sports steering, model M Sport, 18 '' M LMR has the children and their husband, give their double spoke, M sports suspension, M leather steering wheel, M climbing the chance to simply be completely aerodynamic, M glossy shadow line, business with themselves. “I feel myself the package Professional, instrument panel in Sensatec, M then the most. My fear, my aluminum tetragon interior trim, ambient light, courage, my strength, all at once. ”Automatic air conditioning, high beam assistant, heated seats for the driver She enjoys meeting her companions and passengers, and much more with the mountain rescue service when she's not the boss but one of many. In the leasing example * from BMW Bank GmbH: BMW Model 420d Cabrio Jugendrotkreuz in Wernigerode, it brings you purchase price: 63,320.00 EUR a gang of rascals not only the basic one-time leasing special payment: 6,900.00 EUR for first aid and climbing, net loan amount: 53,993.48 EUR but also what it means to get involved for those during the term: 36 months who need help. “I am looking for APR: 4.06% in a person first of all for goodness. Mileage per year: 10,000 km I don't care whether he's smart or not - borrowing rate per year **: 3.99% if he's good, it's a reason to befriend him. Total amount: EUR 27,024.00. " Leasing rate per month: 559.00 EUR This is another reason why she likes the basic idea * A non-binding example of leasing from BMW Bank GmbH, Lilienthalallee 26, from the Lions Club, whose request is 80939 Munich; all prices incl. 19% VAT; As of 02/2021. If the lessee is a consumer, there is a legal requirement after the conclusion of the contract to support people in need. The right of withdrawal. According to the leasing conditions, there is an obligation to take out fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle with Halberstadt Lions friends. Plus EUR 949.00 provisioning fee (admission, full refueling and transfer) she comes together regularly, have ** planted the city in which she works in her heart for the entire duration of the contract. “Thanks to the people I got to know here, Halberstadt has become a home for urban fuel consumption: 4.7 l / 100 km, extra-urban: 3.9. It is completely l / 100 km, combined: 4.2 l / 100 km; Combined CO2 emissions - different personalities that one gets: 111 g / km, energy efficiency class: A +. Vehicle from great bourgeois culture, which I allowed with automatic transmission. I didn't know that. ”You experience Halberstadt as open and approachable. "This is where I am needed, this is where I can get involved. Schubert Motors GmbH headquarters and design." 39387 Oschersleben Anderslebener Strasse 49 Tel .: 03949 9494 0 MARTINI 7

The Berend Lehmann Museum in Halberstadt is still closed. Not just because of the corona. Modern technology moves into the museum, whose collection is constantly being expanded with valuable pieces. Even an Argentine professor found an unknown family portrait here. When treasures tell ✍ Uwe Kraus Jan Arndt Everything will be a little different in 2021. The designers of the new Jan deres exhibition. Just as she was once involved in building the Auch im Halberstädter Be Fiebelkorn-Drasen and Günter Krüger Berend Lehmann Museum rend Lehmann Museum, are expected in the museum in March. “You and, over the years, around 50 specials that not only implement what we want to show and take care of positions in the Klaus synagogue, the Jewish world still has good ideas for us. In terms of content, it has now made her name around two decades later. Wait, the exhibition work is done, the design has been granted to help shape the new show, and the designer usually goes through to the last exercise. Now it is up to and for the visitors to read the catalog of their exhibition, fine-tune them. And to edit the Craftsman's book pages. "It is up to the Quintus Verlag to ensure that inclusion, of the time," says Jutta Dick. Accompanying volume “Kosher, Klaus & Kupfer” fire and monument protection of our his- The new exhibition, at which Tom Pür- are adapted for the new permanent exhibition in the halo- ric building fabric, ”schel, since his school days at Martineum berstädter Judenstrasse since ers- Jutta Dick, who has been closely associated with the company for many years, explains the essential ten days of January. The spectator of the Moses Mendelssohn Academy will be there. Share has turned stronger than previously opened on May 16. For them, the renovation is something very special for individual visitors. “Our guests 8 MARTINI

Jutta Dick from New York has just bought this trophy for the Berend Lehmann Museum. The youth of the Jewish community in Halberstadt presented it to their new Rabbi Benjamin Hirsch Auerbach in 1863. We guide te through the rooms by mobile phone. We are breaking new ground with the media stations. This is where modern technology and historical places go hand in hand. ”Jutta Dicks Cre- do:“ We don't want a home parlor, but a contemporary presentation. ”Her exhibition concept aims to let the objects in the collection speak for themselves. One of the interesting changes concerns the well-known screen with photos of former Jewish people from Halberstadt. “Information about the recordings is available in German and English via a touchscreen. >>> MARTINI 9

Tom Pürschel is reassembling the photos on the picture wall in the museum. In the future, it should function interactively as a touchscreen. You tap on the photo and get further information about the people or objects depicted. It is important to us that in the future we can use the technology to quickly incorporate new knowledge into the exposure, ”said Pürschel. Connections between the Singer family and the Koronas had recently been discovered. Sophie Korona's grandson, Prof. Pablo Steinberg, who was born in Argentina, came across an unknown family photo in Halberstadt. “The photo collection continues to grow and keeps showing new links.” Anette Bartl supports the Moses Mendelssohn Academy in compiling valuable archive material. The aim, according to “We guide our guests through the rooms by cell phone.” Jutta Dick and Tom Pürschel is to gradually put the house's collection online. You benefit from this trend yourself. Dreams of a leather shop and shoe store: Authentic objects at the The Leo Baeck Institute and other archives. Your grandmother Elisabeth Heynemann to present the relevant place. ”Do that. The Halberstadt poetry album is one of the treasures every week and Jutta Dick points to objects, of which Ruth Oppenheimer as well as Tora always have new connections. ”Many people accompanied their lives in Halberstadt - Pennant of the Hirsch entrepreneurial family, during the introductory film of the ben . Under her direction, the museum, valuable Talmudic prints and the Israeli MDR journalist Stefan Hellem shot the document for the founding document of the “Benefit Noga Zohar, who was born in Israel, Moses Men- Association for the accompaniment of Kran- who now lives in Amsterdam and belongs to the Delssohn Academy there, a unique ken und dying ”from 1728. But she also built her artistic collection in the Jewish Museum. Some of the exhibitions that only left traces in 2015 not far from the Halberstadt Museum, meanwhile the media stationery pieces will even be seen in seums between two walls of the house. “She has so much imagination and wit, envied Israel. "Donations from the former Bakenstrasse 55 discovered business ledger that makes us more than satisfied," says Jutta Halberstädter, auction successes that we got from the merchant Melcher Isaac from 1749 Dick, who points out that Zohars Hal- thanks to their tips achieved worldwide, everything is a fascinating object . It plays the Bernese grandmother's ancestors that makes it possible, of which such a furnishing lead role in the animated film, which is in a 10 MARTINI

The box-in-box presentation allows a new design of the museum rooms, but also many technical solutions behind the walls, as the model shows. traces everyday Jewish life at that time in a new room. The Moses Mendelssohn Academy has long been considered a bridge builder. Over the years, former Halberstadt residents have returned to their parents 'and grandparents' city and remain connected to them: whether the almost 100-year-old Judith Biran, Julia Hirsch from New York or Lillyan Rosenberg, whose life was saved by a Kindertransport to Great Britain. There is talk of the first Jewish traces in Halbersadt in 1261, later the Jewish community was considered the center of Jewish neo-orthodoxy. Since Halberstadt is one of the few places in Germany where an almost complete ensemble of architectural evidence reminds of the Jewish tradition, the exhibition can also be presented in two authentic places: In the Klaussynagoge - the former Jewish teaching house - The basics of Judaism are conveyed, and the eventful history of the Halberstadt Jews, which dates back to the 13th century, is told in the former community mikveh house in the context of the history of Jews in Europe. Jutta Dick keeps her fingers crossed for herself and for the guests at the opening: “But now we hope that the exhibits will arrive here by plane from all over the world on time for the opening of the permanent exhibition. Because cargo space is scarce in Corona times. ”MARTINI 11

12 golden times MARTINI

Photo: Jan Arndt, IdeenGut The Magdeburg painter Marcel de Well is currently conquering his hometown with black and gold large-format works. From time to time he also devotes himself to the Halberstadt silhouette and creates radiant miniature pictures. MARTINI 13

Photo: Tino Reinhold, ✍ Dana Toschner T he took his pictures so much more. “I had an office job and tion. “Sometimes I get up in the morning at a successful sale, I felt trapped in the hamster wheel.” He opened at 5:30 am because it seemed to me that Marcel de Well was exhausted, burned out and pulled. This is how work makes you happy. ”To be amazed - was on sick leave for over a year. The fact that right at the beginning of his self- especially since he was in the middle of being an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, he started his own business in a newly opened minor crisis. “That asked him back then what he enjoyed, Deburger Café was able to exhibit, brought the year 2020 was terrific,” he says with one who is doing him good. The answer fell to Marcel Sylden's engine. There many saw an astonished undertone, and reaps easily for wasschy: paint. People his warm, radiant expression. This sentence surprised looks. Who can What began as a kind of therapy is in a nutshell and already let his business card tell you that, if it did not just become a part of life. He give. “Soon I had so many inquiries, the production facility for mouth and nose protection took the step into self-employment and that I practically mask myself a little bit overrun? pushed the doubts as to whether he felt with the painting. ”He used the thrust and put Marcel de Well, who stands under this artist as the father of a family, works equally as an entrepreneur because he could do his own thing , aside. “In retrospect, I have to remember and artist:“ When the train starts to say that the disease helped me get rid of the disease, you have to move on. ”Keeps up, says he feels after his has to find out what i really want to. Today he can work from his commissioned work as a painter and thus also himself. The need for security has me ten and hardly gets around to it, as a permanent entrepreneur “slowed down a bit for many years and into a false idea of ​​his own beyond the city motifs around Phoenix from the ashes". He talks openly, given direction. I never want to stick again. “I don't want the prospect to be hired at one point a few years ago. In doing so, I don't work too long. It can happen before - in his life, when I started my own business, but a lot - that you no longer had the strength to work on a large format, where nothing much better, ”he describes the changes - a few Have to wait months. ”14 MARTINI

Golf car of the year New? Does not have to. Golf? Got to! Photo: Jan Arndt, IdeenGut Now with 0.99% special financing1 Models with experience - Marcel de Well doesn't just paint large formats. secure now at excellent conditions. Small-format works are also sold in the Halberstadt wine gallery “Zur Sonne”. Life can be so beautiful - with the right partner. Get started in the Golf now and secure the automotive legend as a certified annual car with 0.99% special financing. Available immediately and with attractive conditions - just the right time to get on board. Contact us. VW Golf 1.0 TSI 85 kW (116 PS) In a spatula technique he bans the EZ 03/2020, 8,354 km, original RRP of the manufacturer: 19,620.00 €. End of outline of sights on the warranty period2 for this vehicle: 03/2025 or 100,000 km canvas. The Berlin TV tower, which (whichever comes first). Magdeburg cathedral towers, the Hambur equipment: Extension guarantee: Duration 3 years following the Ger Elbphilharmonie, the Warnemünder manufacturer guarantee, maximum total mileage 100,000 km, 4 light lighthouse. Will he not tire of the recurring metal wheels, "IQ.DRIVE", radio "Composition Media", VW Connect, the colors? He heated front seats, “Park Assist” parking assistant including parking aid, shakes his head. The heavenly “Blind Spot Sensor Plus” with parking assistant, lane departure warning, “Lane color play, he can't get enough of Assist”, high beam control “Light Assist”, air conditioning “Air Care” just like the lovers of his pictures. "I Climatronic" with 2-zone temperature control and much more. m. create new moods over and over again and would like the people who mean The financing example is based on an annual mileage of 10,000 km. Buy work, convey an emotion, vehicle price including transfer costs: € 19,620.00 which you can enjoy every day. Down payment: € 2,000.00 Black and gold are for me like the net loan amount: € 18,411.62 life, there are the gloomy sides and the borrowing rate (tied) p. a .: 0.99% bright, shining sides. ”Effective annual interest rate: 0.99% So that everyone can afford a piece of the gold- Duration: 48 months, Marcel produces final installment: € 10,091.30 de Well in addition to large-format paintings Total amount: € 18,974.30 including mini-series. So are in the wine 48 monthly. Financing installments of € 189.00 and “Zur Sonne” gallery in Gröperstrasse, framed pictures with half-An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Gifhorner Str. 57, 38112 Braun- städter motifs available. Here, too, the following applies: silence, for which we as an independent mediator together with each other is unique. Customers compile the contract documents required for financing.3 The illustration shows optional equipment at extra cost. As of 02/2021. Changes and errors excepted. 1 Valid for terms of 12 to 48 months and for eligible annual Golf family cars from the Volkswagen brand's sales portfolio. 2 For selected annual vehicles from Volkswagen AG's inventory, the guarantee applies up to the fifth vehicle year for up to 36 months following the two-year manufacturer's guarantee and - depending on the individual vehicle - up to a maximum total mileage of 100,000 km. The guarantor is Volkswagen AG, Berliner Ring 2, 38440 Wolfsburg. Further requirements or limitations of the guarantee, more information and, above all, more pictures can be found especially at the beginning of the guarantee period, please refer to the guarantee conditions at 3 Assuming creditworthiness. can be found at There is a statutory right of withdrawal for consumers. also the phone number for commissioned work. INFO Your Volkswagen partner Halbac - Autohaus - GmbH In den Langen Stücken 1, 38820 Halberstadt Tel. 03941 6996 0, MARTINI 15

“I've remained a rebel” ✍ Dana Toschner O ld guys rock ”, it says“ I'm driven by an inner unrest, ”he says. actually sleep, but every night at John Hanke's base- "I was crazy about it as a child, tried to write down the lyrics," ercap. Old boys rock. to see the world. ”he counts with a laugh. With his little Schü- That suits him. He tells of his childhood in Celle, lerband - he had his first guitar when he was 13, 68-year-olds got one from his mother, which Freddy Quinn gave him - he played the songs. Such a wacky curriculum vitae that was played for him with records and from his uncle, “That sounded mostly completely wrong, but at the time I hardly believe it. He worked as a cook in the in New York. It was clear to me: I wanted to live as a musician in the USA and in Hawaii, in Panama, the USA became his even then, and I want to go to America. "Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, in the land of longing. "As an eight-year-old I still go to Tanzania and Kenya, in Australia, to collect bottles and have the States, his musical home is Vietnam, Thailand, in the Philippines with the money a train ticket to the American folk. He admires the and most recently in Switzerland. Sometimes Hamburg bought it. I really wanted the religion and philosophy of the indigenous people - he stayed in one country for three years, see the port, smell the wide world. ”Ner, their culture, their art. “Sometimes they only inspire for three months. What drives As a young person, he takes me, give me strength for my life ”, to move him from one place to another? What has been sitting in front of an old tube radio for a long time - he describes this fascination. Permanently the reason for such a restless life? sen and country music. “I should live in the US is still 16 MARTINI

John David Hanke likes flat landscapes, he WE ARE likes to look into the distance. The search for such a “wide open space” FOR YOU, a wide, open space, has the 68-year-old musician and his Filipino wife Maria DA! led to Halberstadt. Here the singer-songwriter will find what he wants. Furthermore, the takeaway sale of texts and composing for your physical well-being. The pick-up needs: rest. is possible daily from 5 p.m. If Easter is not yet allowed to open, you can count on a menu surprise out of the house again. Thank you to everyone who thinks of us. Photo: Giovanni Traum. He can only do little with the overcrowded cities there. “If I were 20 years younger and could choose freely, I would go to Arizona, California or New Mexico.” But with a tourist visa, he is only allowed to stay in the country for a few months at a time. He has tried every year since 1992 to get a Green Card, but luck has simply not been on his side so far. Now he has ended up in Halberstadt, of all places. With his wife Maria, a Filipino woman with whom he has been married for eleven years, he chose an apartment on the Internet in Basel, where they last lived. >>> Trillgasse 10 38820 Halberstadt Tel. 03941 27080 [email protected] MARTINI 17

“I wanted to either move to the old country near Hamburg or close to the Harz Mountains,” he says, describing the list of pros and cons that ultimately led to the decision. “We were looking for a place with a low cost of living and a good cultural offer. Those were the most important criteria. ”Halberstadt won the race - even if there are no musicians in the“ musicians' quarter ”, no matter how tempting when researching the Internet. Street names only. “Even as a child, I was crazy about seeing the world.” John Hanke knew the Harz foreland because he was there with some investors shortly after the fall of the Wall. Even then he had liked the area, the wide views over the fields, the hilly horizon. He enthusiastically calls it “wide open space”. The tour with the investors is a piece of the puzzle from his “first life”. Because he was not always a (life) artist who earned money selling his songs, with concerts and as a street musician. John Hanke was an architect and after some initial difficulties as a freelancer he finally earned “a lot of money”. After he was barely able to pay his bills at first, he got a foot in the door in the shopping center business. “From then on it worked. After three or four years I already had 45 employees. ”Woman and I, we are adaptable, people believe, a helper, supporter For more than 20 years he has not planned far ahead with his. I accept and fight for human rights ”, employees in shopping centers designed small jobs in between, earns themselves. - They are among others in Hamburg, money from selling my music and when he looks back, he has nothing in Kiel, in Schwerin, in Rostock, Potsdam, get a small pension from the state. that's how much we shaped the 1960s. “But also in the USA and Dubai. “We can get away with that well.” It used to be a time that I don't want to miss, business was going well, but at some point as an architect, he was nervous, a huge upheaval. The youth rebelled - it got boring. You always come across when a customer has high rights, protested against the Vietnam War. the same people who didn't pay the same sayings, after all, we wanted honest politics. ”They do. That annoyed me. ”When he was 50 he took responsibility for his employees. Ideals from back then are still deep, he sold his architecture office, “Today I stay relaxed when anchored in it.Recorded like his Porsche, his houses and donations - there is no money in the account. We find tattoo on the inside of his bottom a lot of the money, he says. always solutions. “arms. “I wasn't born to follow”, it says, “I didn't like to live my decadent life modestly, fits the picture, a song title by the band“ The Byrds ”. "Me more. It wasn't me at all. I needed him to draw and strike- wasn't born to follow. Yes, not into all of that. ”Directly the arc to the young man, in a certain way I'm always a rebel, writing music with a guitar, a mandolider he once was. The man who stayed three. If something didn't suit me and Banjo American Roots Music was living in Tanzania for years and thought something was wrong there for him or her, I decided to work with other artists - that German development service work - not done. That is still the case today. I make him happier. “You need te. “I'm a storyteller and I don't mess around, I'm straightforward, that doesn't really come to life,” he says. “My dream keeper, someone who is not always good at what is good.” 18 MARTINI

CHILDREN'S FACILITIES AND EARLY PROMOTION SENIOR AID DISABLED AID Photo: Dana Toschner, IdeenGut DISABLED AID We offer a.o. diverse and individual living and care offers for "Today I stay people with sensory and multiple disabilities: relaxed when there is no money in the living area for children and adolescents in the Dorothea house." Sophie house in Emersleben Intensive assisted living day support center Also in He wants to get involved in Halberstadt, his youngest temporary home. But first he stretches out his feelers. Please do not hesitate to contact us! out, carefully socializing, looking for fellow musicians, pubs or cafes in the region where he could play. “I can well imagine that we, Ina Klamroth - Head of the Disability Aid Division, will stay here for three, four or five years. Relax really. ”Am Cecilienstift 1 | 38820 Halberstadt Tel .: 03941 681477 | Mail: [email protected]

“The glass is half full” It is said that getting old is not for cowards. But how does it feel? What thoughts drive people over 80? What makes you sad or happy? And: What can we young people learn from the elderly? For our “Late Years” series, Martini author Jörg Loose visited 85-year-old Heinz Witzler. He tells from his life. ✍ Jörg Loose M a résumé now lasts 85 years. The course led through many landscapes and general weather conditions, people of all kinds lined my path. I know the finish line isn’t far. But until then, I'll do what I've always done and do best - I just keep running and try to enjoy the route. Sport has shaped my life. I grew up with sport, sport prepared me for life. I owe three knee prostheses to sport, but also that I am still fresh in my head and full of unbroken zest for life and energy. Team spirit, comradeship, tolerance, self-confidence, faith It all began in 1935 in Riesa, Saxony, when I was a member of schools in Halberstadt - from using your own strength, never giving up, child of simple people. That I spent years from the POS to high school. never give up, always the nice tenth as a mathematics teacher pupil. First I wanted to see watchmaker and see the medal, all that gave me the Abitur and studies, I was later to become a sports officer. Then got exercise. Despite numerous bles, he did not think I was born in the cradle and would mean the diagnosis TBC. This hard blow suren, healthy in body and mind and was sure to fill parents with pride. Over took me out of the running for three years. always the best school for life for me. I have worked as a teacher and specialist advisor for 56 years - with a 75-kilometer Rennsteig run - 20 MARTINI

As part of the running movement, we simply took the students with us after I finally defeated the disease. Sports house and officers in private, warm wholesaling and retailing were a thing of the past, but living room lessons were a branch. That’s a teacher’s degree today for interior decorating. And so I have it unimaginable. Most of them have no idea, always held. How high is the level at which they are complaining. Wholesaling and retailing at a crossroads, I decided with bad, I find the decline of “old” hearts and minds in one direction. I ran along the values ​​like punctuality, courtesy and new street for interior design with all my might and wasted on the other two-way tolerance. There is so much aggression between people - in private life like a FEEL-GOOD OASIS there are no thoughts. That's how many a social person became. A home to relax, recuperate, an obstacle to the happy circumstance, the smile, everything is much easier. A laughter I was able to master independently. For it, chatting is worth more than all wisdom and a WELL-BEING OASIS and drawing new strength is more important, I am very grateful. Philosophy and the cheapest one than ever. Especially in the cold season of the year I have been going out into the world at VfB for almost 60 years. A home needs to relax, the soul needs an oasis of wellbeing. mania and its forerunner Lok Halber- I am open to almost everything, closed and new strength is more important We help you to keep your home active with stadt - only as an athlete of the Leichtath Doors are a temptation that I rarely see than ever. Especially in the cold season of the year appealing decorations and letters, then as a supervisor, referee and can resist. Curiosity, optimism, the soul needs an oasis of wellbeing. textile home accessories, like our functionary. Today I am at Germania and tolerance were guard rails on my- We help you to make your home with and in the Kreissportbund honorary member, a life marathon. I always looked to elegant pleated blinds to embellish. appealing decorations and, if you will, a veteran of the Hal- first the possibilities and only then even-textile living accessories, like our sports history in Berlin. In addition, I was a real problem. So is the famous glass of elegant pleated blinds to embellish. enthusiastic footballer, more passionate for me, even at the age of 85, always half full skier, enthusiastic - I am an undying rally driver and a better optimist. especially passionate cyclist. Even now “A smile is I know that nothing of me is left, I cover almost all the roads in the city that are worth more than becomes. I feel the available life cycle back and was still in the past all wisdom and as a great gift that one should use and enjoy the year with my grandson and a new philosophy. ”Above all. But life on fashionable e-bikes is constantly changing. I particularly like to remember wegung and just go on, everyone is me on a vacation in Greece, with replaceable. In general, you shouldn't take yourself too seriously with me - thanks to the turnaround. But it is already a visit to the monastic republic of Athos - a wonderful feeling when I was able to fulfill a long-cherished dream. Lige students with a smile on their face That the body no longer speaks to itself in old age. I've played there in my 85 years, it's not new to me and no one has taken some right paths. Cause for complaint. I already know that I'm especially grateful that it took me a long time. When I was at the top of my life as an athlete, I was never faced with decisions, and at some point my knees stopped. I can choose between plague and cholera. The joints refused to work. There had to. Maybe you always have one I needed an alternative. That's how I learned choice - at least I found ways I could do breaststroke swimming with self-respect as a young adult. the Halberstadt sports legend Winkel. Today for me, in addition to physical- But with knee prostheses, not even that little activity is very much about the completely normal ... there was only backstroke. paint everyday things. Shopping, eating I taught myself that. My friends cook, keep the apartment in good shape. de smile and say, I'm like one And when there is time, I inform the cockchafer lying on his back. I don't care about world events on the PC and I don't care. It feels good to me and I play a game of computer skat. I hope that’s okay. Unfortunately I have to stay mobile for as long as possible and not have to rely on outside help for swimming for early risers. do without in the FSZ. My curriculum vitae has now lasted 85. The war touched me, but it lasted for years. I have most of the routes with measurement service measurement service || Decoration decoration | | Consulting Consulting is gentle. That today right National Socialist mood and a laugh, almost in the table of ideas, is again acceptable, sprinting and mostly the beautiful pleated blinds || Sliding panels Sliding panels | | Roman blinds Roman blinds scare me. How quickly a person saw the side of life. Life is curtain rails or rods Curtain rails or rods but forgets. Even if in the fifties, with Goethe's, stay a while, you are ideologically so beautiful, from wood to stainless steel to stainless steel from the 1960s ... 'I was never able to touch a lot, but we caught a lot of things. If it is now perhaps a pragmatic solution to the last one. If you were in a cold bend, then I can and want to run out of coal at school in winter too, with a smile on my face. "VOBAS VOBAS Volker Bastian Volker Bastian Magdeburger Chaussee Magdeburger Chaussee 11 || 38820 38820Halberstadt Halberstadt 03941 443823 MARTINI 21 443823 || [email protected] 03941 [email protected]

The Books of My Life The question “What are you reading now?” Is easy to answer. But MARTINI asks: “What are the books of your life?” Because we are interested in those stories that have left deeper traces. This time Dieter Löhnert gets his favorites from the bookshelf. Kristin Lavran's daughter Sigrid Undset “The Norwegian author Sigrid Undset received the 1928 Nobel Prize for Literature. In the novel “Kristin Lavranst’s Daughter”, which consists of three volumes, she tells the story of a woman who lives under social constraints, but who nevertheless makes decisions in an emancipated manner. Kristin is rooted in faith and conventions, but still a very In difficult times you need a strong female figure, because she puts her wishes against her father, dear friends, all the more. Prepare through and live with the consequences. Please give them a pleasure, say thank you The book is a great family saga from medieval Norway. It is set in the 14th century for helpful gestures, supportive gestures, but the topic is still relevant today because one still wonders why words or a warm hug society treats men and women unequally. I read the book when I was 19 or 20 years old. Back then I was fascinated by the great pictures of Norway - with a strong red wine, one that Sigrid Undset describes. On my first trip to Norway, I bought the original book, intensive whiskey, or a good one. Today I would like to read the trilogy again. Brandy at the beginning of May. Surprise yours, it will appear in a new translation by Alfred Kröner Verlag. “Love! We are open for you. Fairy tales and stories Hans Christian Andersen “I'm a Andersen fan, I am enthusiastic about his life story. The Dane, who lived from 1805 to 1875, grew up in poverty. His father was a shoemaker, his mother a laundress. When he was 14, he went to Copenhagen all by himself to become an actor. There the director of the Royal Theater took him into his house, he encouraged him and treated him like a second son. Hans Christian Andersen began to write fairy tales, many of which became world famous. He had a great literary imagination, really admirable. Many of his fairy tales are ambiguous and philosophical. The best known are probably “The Princess and the Pea”, “The Emperor's New Clothes” or “The Snow Queen”. With the sculpture of the little mermaid, he was erected a monument that is now a symbol of Copenhagen. zur sonne - wine gallery I have always been accompanied by his stories, we have some at the theater as musika- Gröperstrasse 54-55 | 38820 Halberstadt lish fairy tales listed. By the way, there is also a booklet in which Andersen his phone: 03941. 6216400 Harzreise describes - as Heine and Goethe did before him. ”[email protected] 22 MARTINI

If you want to talk to Dieter Löhnert about reading, you first have to pass a meter of shelves of dictionaries. Because the 66-year-old loves languages ​​almost as much as music. He has learned Swedish and Czech, studied Norwegian and Japanese characters and never seems to get enough of absorbing new knowledge. “Languages ​​open cultures,” he enthuses. He has enough time to quench his thirst for knowledge, because after having played the flute in the orchestra of the local theater for 40 years, he is now retired and only occasionally teaches the flute youngsters at the “Prima Gitarrenschule”. When he is not playing the flute or listening to Swedish radio stations, he has probably disappeared into a book - or can be found at “Schönherr”, where he is picking up supplies. "I have never bought as many books as I have since the beginning of the Corona crisis," he admits with a smile. Incidentally, in his youth he could not have guessed that literature would one day be so important to him. “What we had to read at school was a bit of a deterrent,” he recalls. Only a colleague from the NVA military orchestra, where he was doing his military service, brought him a few classics. The pull was kindled. Origin Saša Stanišić Photo: Dana Toschner “In his novel“ Origin ”, Saša Stanišić tells how he came to Germany with his parents from Bosnia in the early 1990s. He was 14 at the time. It is a medical error that he is thrown off course. Among other things, the question of what does it mean. The book is something very special for me - also because as a refugee in a foreign one I would have studied languages ​​myself if I hadn't arrived in the country as a musician, but had also become a musician. I like the melancholy in it, the beauty of home and family, the search for clues and the fear and expressiveness of the sentences. I know London, Milan and deportation. His parents take humiliating jobs for Trieste, the places where the story takes place. The fates they are overqualified, the son passes high school. He sits down and the thoughts of the people made a deep impression on me. Who through, manages to build a life in Germany. The title 'The Weight of Words' was the trigger, the book zu Mich inspires the ambition with which the author buy the German, and Pascal Mercier, from whom I also learned' Night Train by Language and the flexibility with which he is today Lisbon 'did not disappoint. ”When writing. He writes very expressively, light-footed and eloquent. It is a virtuoso book - and not only against the background that German is not his mother tongue. I think that many German Happy Love authors can't do it like that. ”And other poems Wisława Szymborska“ One of the five books of my life The weight of words also counts a volume of poetry. Pascal Mercier's poems inspire me again and again because I like the fact that “This book really made me have to read between the lines. found. For example, I like the poetry Passion for Languages ​​in that of Joseph Brodsky and Tomas Helden. His name is Simon Leyland Tranströmer. and is fascinated by languages. One of my favorites is Wisława Szymborska, a Polish poet against the wishes of his parents who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996, who has the goal of being a translator and who has died in 2012. I find her poems are well suited for all languages ​​to be learned around people who are just beginning to get used to the Mediterranean with poetry. employ. They are written in a simple, easy to understand language. This Simon Leyland follows his wife's language. Her words reach the soul as it usually does Livia from London to Trieste, where only music can do her. Elke Heidenreich inherited a publishing house in a 'Cicero'. When she died, interview once said that she had been reading a poem by he runs the publishing house until he cried by a Szymborska. ”Noted by Dana Toschner. MARTINI 23

COMPETENCE ON SITE for more than 20 years A photo COMPETENCE ON SITE and its history for more than 20 years KÜCHENSTUDIO SPIEGELSTRASSE KÜCHENSTUDIO SPIEGELSTRASSE Brigade evening at Gleim ✍ Jörg Loose When looking at this picture from In the beginning, of course, there was the profane question, which was inaugurated in 1975, like the treasures of the house - in the sense of the Enlightenment Johann Wilhelm house are a museum-like building - Ludwig Gleim of a broad Halberstadt people are certainly brought closer to the public all hair on end. Old tomes in could.Since the official visitors to the ungloved hands of the initially realized little unskilled laypersons who were skeptical about a touring exhibition in Halberstäd- sip of wine from the trophies of the companies, are granted Halberstädter council silver. With the brigade evenings, the brave, contemporary one quickly became an attractive form of event. Fire protection experts would come to sleep at the sight of education without any scientific of the burning candles in historical dryness and academic pathos, museum-like half-timbered substance, but with candlelight and wine in a wine-blissful atmosphere, certainly only relaxed, thematically guided, difficult to sleep. Just the Gleim roundtable. That was knowledge deal- ing is still standing, and the treasures of its mediation through the sociable and cozy collections can still be found today, if- back door. The concept was a hit and, with the appropriate precautionary measures, the Gleimhaus soon found it difficult to meet all the expectations of visitors and guests. One shouldn't be surprised for that. The brigade evenings were due to the fact that the necessary Berstadt population was a very popular cultural point for the coveted and lu Spiegelstraße 14 •• Halberstadt Spiegelstraße 14 Halberstadt series of events organized by the Gleimhaus. creative title “Brigade of the Socialist Phone 03941 Phone 03941570728 570728 24 MARTINI

READING TIP No matter what happens: We have more to read! Order online at and have your book delivered or pick it up from us. We are there! Visit the online reading #harperliest on Youtube Where we were children by Kati Naumann Photos: Gleimhaus Halberstadt Looking back on a happy childhood. Eva, Iris and Jan are heirs of the formerly magnificent toy factory Langbein in Arbeit ”. Between 1972 and 1985, Sonneberg increased tenfold. Founded in the imperial era, the number of annual brigade evenings, so it was in the Weimar Republic that finally 11,000 visitors per year at its peak, survived two wars, in a conversational tone with the different - German division and nationalization, only ten facets of the Gleimhaus- Treasures that were made miserable after the reunification. to go under. Now there was nothing left of the honorable This rapid development was not long-legged tradition. without consequences for the colleagues in the house, who actually worked on the quarrel and bitterness have carried over to the collections and the bereaved families associated with it. But when in scientific work completely different an Internet auction had one of the rare focuses. Karl-Otto Schulz Langbein dolls appear - carefully 300 tours annually and about 130 sewn and 150 mostly three-hour brigade evenings painted by their grandfather personally. Even when attracting young visitors - the faded past is on the shoulders of three co-workers there were new approaches. Together with us again and raises innumerable questions: to join. Director Dr. Horst Scholke, the EOS Bertolt Brecht became a youth Germanist Gerlinde Wappler and was formed in front of the club, who took on his own, youth-friendly guided tours after guilt and loss, but also after all that was unforgettable for many visitors. Hope and a new beginning. The librarian Karl-Otto Schulz has even today the convivial transfer of knowledge with an enormous amount of time - e.g. with the popular court evenings, the brigade evenings not only in terms of content or the tea hour at Gleim - a very conceived, but above all an essential part of the event filled with life. rows of glue house. Behind d. Town hall 1 | 03941 24105 Junior | Behind d. Town hall 7 | 03941 24014 MARTINI 25

THE ENERGY FOR HER BLUE THE BLUE CARD FOR MARCH CARD 00 00 0 Max Musterman n 2021 Eating also Practical helpers: Out of the house shoe spikes give € 58.90 candlelight dinner for safety for 2 people, in the historic snow and ice Ticket booth € 58.90 instead of € 75 - from € 9.95 VAT incl. Monday to Thursday (except on public holidays) at 5.30 p.m. and only with advance notice. Gebr. Rehse Str. 10 | Halberstadt | 03941 443123 Voigtei 34-35 | Halberstadt | 03941 5840 10% discount on everything (except for promotional items, reduced-price items and the brands Musterring, Stressless, Mondo, Valmondo and D-Sign) 10% discount on qualitative additional payment and free delivery Im Sülzeteiche 3 | Halberstadt | 03941 5795 OdF Str.4A | Halberstadt | 03941 443532 26 MARTINI

10% Even the longest lockdown will pass € 1.50: 10 percent discount on the Soon again romp: Sauna day ticket discount on the happy hour admission prices. and bathroom; and on Cannot be combined with other discounts. all ball sports. Gebr. Rehse Str. 10 | Halberstadt | 03941 68780 Ebereschenhof 5 | Halberstadt | 03941 6212130 Hopefully € 2 back in the box soon When you sit down and pay for the stage again ... opens: Discount on your visit to the theater in Halberstadt and Quedlinburg. Gröperstr. 88 | Halberstadt | 03941 586616 Spiegelstr. 20A | Halberstadt | 03941 69650 "Without spectators, football is just a sport." We hope that will change soon, then we will give a € 1 discount on standing room and € 2 discount on seats. Spiegelsbergenweg 79 | HBS | 03941 584433 Stay loyal to us. We hope to be there for you again soon. You can reach us: Stay healthy Mon to Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and offer you a 3% discount on the entire range. Fischmarkt 8 | Halberstadt | 03941 441547 under d. Willows 11-12 | HBS | 03941 567402 MARTINI 27

ADVERTISEMENT FUNERALS Right of way Preparing for the last way to clean biogas Think about the precautionary measures. Plan the following costs for a funeral: urn burial without a memorial service including crematorium and cemetery fee on a community facility anonymously. Approx. 2000 Euro urn burial with funeral M including crematorium and cemetery fee, with the German air conditioning The Halberstadtwerke have been operating the company's own organic mourning hall use since 2012 and in 2030 the federal burial site in Wehrstedter Strasse and floral decorations. desregierung the goal, we are working with several farmers for around 3500 euros around the world from the surrounding area. Dramatically reduce greenhouse gases. Already through this role as a plant we should also be happy to help you with the statutory CO2 price. The energy supplier knows the driver without obligation. Since the beginning of this year as a compulsory charge in versatility of biogas. So it can become a force, specifically the investment in example should be independent of the weather. Our columbarium is environmentally friendly energy production every day and is generated and stored. In addition, the use of renewable energies - the combustion of biogas CO2 takes place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to be driven. But go with the neutral. An additional price component also includes multi-plants that are fermented in advance. Until then, many consumers in the areas have an exact amount of heating and mobility. The CO2 that is released again when the Halberstadtwerke is burned later to produce biogas. However, biogas counteracts its customers in a number of ways: it does not cause any additional pollutants. Factors that the local introduction has been able to mitigate somewhat through further optimizations since January 2021, also in terms of energy purchasing in terms of procurement for its natural gas tankers. First make use of power. Recently, all natural gas tank “Our changed product range from the energy supplier to contain pollutants was changed from now to not just CO2-free biogas. With these measures, but even a CO2-free me, both the environment and the fuel that we use for our petrol stations are spared the customer's wallet. A far-shopping. The customer does not have to pay any LINDEMANN BESTATTUNGEN res practical example, in addition to the 2020 established tax. In this way we keep Gröperstrasse 81th green charging current for him, and for a climate-friendly one, the price level is also stable, while the 38820 Halberstadt drive technology is here on site. CO2 pricing in the coming years Tel. 03941- 441561 28 MARTINI

SALE AND REPAIR OF HOUSEHOLD AND TELEVISION SETS AND SATELLITE SYSTEMS When purchasing large household appliances, you will receive the delivery after presenting the Blue Card, the connection and biogas is CO2-neutral, the disposal is comparable free of charge. Properties like classic natural gas and can be done by your specialist dealer on site with your own conversion at a master workshop. Natural gas vehicles or partners for and vodafone systems can be used. Electrical retailer Nickel Huystraße 3 | 38820 Halberstadt Telephone: 03941 68900 Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Photos: Zukunft Erdgas, Halberstadtwerke is expected to continue to increase. at the same time a more environmentally friendly alternative “, in short: Thomas Ziegenhardt, Mobili on the road, with which the environmental expert at Halberstadtwerke GmbH is also spared the world,” says Heinz-Gerhard, shows the effectiveness of this highly methane-containing Gülck, Sales Director and trading in gas. of Halberstadtwerke GmbH, the more for all questions about the topic of upgrading for all natural gas drivers. “Biogas as a fuel” is what the customer service team can take advantage of. All owners of a natural gas company can call 03941 / 579-100 to benefit from these new advantages and answer a specific question at Halberstadt. Natural gas filling stations in Tschaikowskistr. 5 and in the old Blankenburger Heerstr. 1a (B81, Agip gas station) and at the Osterwieck location in Lüttgenröder Str. 1 (Aral gas station). Another plus point for consumers are the possible applications: Since biogas can be used wherever conventional natural gas is still used today, only the energy source changes when switching. System baseboard ducts for certain devices, devices or vehicles do not have to be exchanged for modern cable management Thomas Ziegenhardt Heinz-Gerhard Gülck. “Because biogas is obtained from renewable raw materials and agricultural waste products, but each has the same chemical-physical information on INFO properties as fossil natural gas. The BIOGAS topic is very efficient and therefore a real one and at HALBERSTADTWERKEN at: MARTINI 29

touched & shaken column column column column column column column column We design pigeons in beer sauce By Dana Toschner with you I - your symbol I wonder if there is anyone else who loves the classifieds so fascinating like me. I can completely lose myself in it. Last summer, for example, a man, 59, was looking for a Baltic lover. He had rented a holiday home for three weeks, right behind the dunes, and now wanted a lady who would like to take part in the experiment via a personal ad. He wrote about cycling, but also meant physical tours of discovery between the lines. I would love to know what kind of man comes up with this. I find it crazy romantic in the first moment, in the second completely absurd. Had he possibly booked the house with his wife, which he has now lost at Spiegelstrasse 52 | 38820 Halberstadt? Or are there really men who dream of waking up in the morning next to a telephone 03941 442805 completely strange woman? And vice versa, women too? Maybe he is not a violent criminal or psychopath, but someone who believes that you can cure cancer with gemstones or that Bill Gates invented Corona in order to secretly equip mankind with microchips during vaccinations. Do you clarify something like that before you get involved in three weeks in Usedom? Do both sides work out a questionnaire? And: is there a smell test before you start your trip? I couldn't spend three days with a man whose smell offended me, let alone three weeks. The optimistic Halberstadt magazine Okay, next ad: "Genießerin 65 plus wanted, KGS with NR-M". I stop. What does that mean? Board of Trustees good vision? Cologne Society for Social Research? ALWAYS district association of garden friends Saalkreis? Or maybe: no group sex with non-smoking males? You've got me stumped. Is there an ad decryption code? Goo-PUNCTUAL is in any case useless, except for the knowledge that LZB does not stand for Landeszentralbank IN THE MAILBOX, but for a long-term relationship, which is usually not sought. In addition to the personals, there is a column for purchases and sales. Including the at least as puzzling one: “Pigeons, heavy breed, ready to cook, 5 euros each”. Who wants to eat pigeons, please? And where did the man get it? Secretly shot with the shotgun? I don't dare to call and ask, but I can find a culinary answer to the first question on the Internet: In French cuisine, pigeon is a delicacy, and in this country too, poultry was once part of the bourgeois festival table. Several recipes pop up: braised pigeon in beer sauce, honey-glazed pigeons, stuffed pigeon in the style of the Steiger woman. I'm getting sick. I'm throwing the classifieds page in the paper bin, desperately wanting to get rid of the cinema in my head. Whereby: Who or whatever a climber woman is - maybe she would have fun with the gentleman behind the dunes? They should be paired up. You could roast a pigeon for sunset. IMPRINT Editor: Mathias Kasuptke, IdeenGut GmbH & Co. KG, Domplatz 48 - 38820 Halberstadt If you don't like advertising in your mailbox, Mathias Kasuptke - 03941/59739 -15; Dana Toschner - 03941/59739 -11; but still read our city magazine MARTINI Uwe Kraus - 03941/59739 -14; Jörg Loose - 03941 / 59739-17, Mail: [email protected], you can also subscribe. The graphic Frauke Kahrmann - 03941/59739 -23, Mail: [email protected] Ads Mathias Kasuptke - 03941/59739 -15, Mail: [email protected] Service costs you only 2 euros per issue for Druck Halberstädter Druckhaus GmbH, Osttangente 4 - 38820 Halberstadt Postage and shipping. Distribution Martini appears monthly, has a circulation of 22,000 copies and reaches all households in Halberstadt and the districts of Langenstein, Ströbeck, Athenstedt, Aspenstedt, Sargstedt, Klein Quenstedt and Emersleben without advertising bans. 30 MARTINI

e Your own home. Easier than expected. Whether house or apartment. Find and Finance Nice Job! You can easily find your own dream property with the Harz Savings Bank. Get advice now. At there is S Harzsparkasse PAIN-FREE without surgery MOVABLE AND PAIN-FREE LIFE Over 90% of all pain does not have to be and can be eliminated without surgery and without medication. Marko Gerloff Physiotherapist & alternative practitioner for physiotherapy Liebscher & Bracht Center Halberstadt Magdeburger Str. 12 urse! Therapy & K 38820 Halberstadt Tel .: (039 41) 58 17 617 E-Mail: [email protected] Web:

EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE, CO2-FREE This is climate protection at the pump: From now on you can only fill up with biogas at all of our natural gas filling stations. This means that you are not only choosing a very efficient fuel. You are also relying on a particularly climate-friendly alternative. Because our biogas is CO2-free and therefore exempt from the CO2 price. This not only saves your wallet in the long term, but above all the environment. Test now and help! Wehrstedter Str. 48 • Halberstadt • Tel 03941 579-100 • 32 MARTINI