Does it help to be Google AdWord certified?

Skillshop: With these 3 tips you can easily pass the Google Ads certification

Key learnings:

Google Skillshop: Free training center with training for all professional tools and solutions from Google (such as Google Ads search engine advertising) with a processing time of 2.5 to 5 hours per course

Google Ads Certificates: After completing a 75-minute multiple choice test with 50 questions, you will receive an official certification with which Google recognizes your knowledge in the relevant Google Ads area

Benefits:Additional qualification that signals expertise and experience in your company. Milestone on the way to the Google Partner Logo or Google Premium Partner Logo

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What is the Google Skillshop?

As a central training center, the Google Skillshop enables advanced training for everyone who uses the professional tools and solutions from Google. This allows you to work on your own skills instead of relying on Google support. The big advantages: with flexible and personalized learning paths, the content can be adapted to the level of knowledge of the user. The training courses are therefore suitable for every target group - regardless of whether you are new to online marketing or if you are an old hand who wants to learn how to optimize your campaigns. There is also the possibility of obtaining certificates with which you can demonstrate your knowledge.

What kind of content can you find in the Google Skillshop?

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In the Skillshop you will find online training courses on all Google tools - from Google Ads and Analytics to Youtube, you can expand your knowledge of all imaginable Google tools. In this blog post we want to take a closer look at the content of Google Ads. There are a total of 6 content areas available, in each of which you can obtain certification:

  • Search Advertising: You can earn Google Ads Search Advertising certification by demonstrating expertise in Google Ads search campaigns.
  • Display Advertising: You earn the “Google Ads Display Advertising” certification by showing that you can develop effective display advertising to achieve specific marketing goals.
  • Shopping Ads: You receive the Shopping Ads certification by showing that you can bring products together with customers - throughout the entire buying process.
  • Video Advertising: You can earn the Google Ads Video Advertising certification by showing that you are getting results with the advertising solutions from YouTube and Google Videos.
  • App Marketing: With a certification for App Marketing with Google Ads you demonstrate your ability to create effective app campaigns, optimize them and align them with specific marketing goals.
  • Digital Ad Performance Analysis: You earn the Google Ads Performance Analysis certification by showing that you can effectively measure and optimize the performance of Google Ads campaigns.

How do you best prepare for certification?

First the facts: the course content takes about 2.5 to 5 hours - depending on the course. You have to plan 75 minutes for the exam. Now for the tips:

  1. Work your way through all relevant course content. For each certification, Google provides the appropriate content that prepares the content for the exam. First complete the short assessment to see where you stand - then you will know exactly which topics you still have to deal with.
  2. Take your time according to your initial knowledge. The preparation for the exams takes different lengths of time depending on the certificate and previous knowledge. To work through all the preparatory content, you need between 2.5 and 5 hours. You have a maximum of 75 minutes to take the exam.
  3. Do not start the exam until you feel well prepared. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, of which you have to answer 80% correctly to pass. The questions can be quite tricky and you also have to keep an eye on the time. Do not start the exam until you feel safe, because if you fail, you will be temporarily banned from taking it again.

What does the Google Ads certification bring you and your company?

You are probably wondering why you should make the effort to take an exam on Google alongside your work or studies. Well worth the effort! After successful completion, you will receive an official certificate from the Google Skillshop, with which Google recognizes your knowledge in the corresponding Google Ads area. This is not only a strong additional qualification for you personally, but also helps you to signal expertise and experience in your company. In addition, you support your company in getting the Google Partner logo or Google Premium Partner logo: If a company wants to receive one of these logos, at least one of the employees must be certified for Google Ads.

For advanced users, we recommend using Google Data Studios to employ, because it offers a huge range of reports and many possibilities for the visualization of data and results.