What is the training or the degree

An overview of training paths

Anyone who wants to become a civil servant does their training in what is known as a "preparatory service". A basic distinction is made between a technical service and a non-technical service. Depending on the school leaving certificate, a civil servant career can be pursued in simple, middle, upper and higher service.

Civil servants in the middle non-technical service have administrative and administrative tasks, for example in the judicial service, in social administration or in the customs service.

Officials in the middle technical service do technically oriented tasks. This includes, for example, measurement, supervisory or control activities as well as their documentation, for example in the fire-fighting service, trade inspection or in surveying.

The training is similar to in-company training. In addition to practical assignments in the respective authority, you will visit so-called administrative schools.

School requirements:

For careers in the middle service, a middle level educational qualification is generally required.

Duration of training:

The training period is usually 2.5 to 3 years.


You will already receive remuneration during your training. This is precisely defined.

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