What's wrong with Israel


Middle East conflict: Biden pushes for a two-state solution

The vicious circle of violence between Israel and Hamas has been broken for the time being. But without a serious perspective on peace, it could be said: After the war is before the war. US President Biden has only one answer. The ceasefire in the Gaza conflict ... more

Israel: Netanyahu talks about "new rules of the game" for Hamas

For a few hours there has been a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. But Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already announced that he will be reacting severely to new attacks. After the ceasefire in the Gaza conflict came into force, Israel has ... more

El Salvador: 14 bodies found in the house of ex-police officers

He worked as a police officer, then switched to the other side: Forensic scientists found the remains of 14 murder victims on his property in El Salvador - and there could be many more. In the house of a former police officer in El Salvador ... more

Berlin: Top politicians call for solidarity with Israel

Vice Chancellor Scholz, several federal ministers and other top politicians called for solidarity with Israel at a demonstration in Berlin. "The security of the Jewish state is a German reason of state," said Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Thursday evening ... more

Celebration on the streets of Gaza

Reason for joy: After the brutal exchange of blows between militant Palestinians and Israel, the guns are silent. (Source: Reuters) more

Anti-Semitism - the unvarnished truth

The anti-Semitic demonstrators are not only a disgrace for Germany. You stab at the Palestinians, the Muslims, the migrants. In this way they harm all those who actually want to support them. The Central Council of Jews is one of the most important ... more

Israel in conflict: Benjamin Netanyahu's greatest role

The Israeli opposition was on the verge of reaching an agreement, then came the conflict with the Palestinians. And with it a new chance for the already failed Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu in crisis talks with officers of the Air Force. Benjamin ... more

Berlin: 2,000 people on pro-Palestine demonstration in Mitte

Thousands of people again took to the streets in Berlin to demonstrate against Israel. In contrast to other demos on the weekend, this one went without incident. Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through Berlin on Wednesday ... more

Middle East conflict: Netanyahu defends Gaza operation

Tel Aviv / Gaza (dpa) - Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended the continuation of the tough military operation in the Gaza Strip against criticism. It is about giving the State of Israel and its citizens the longest possible rest period ... more

Kiel Landtag sends a clear signal against anti-Semitism

The Middle East conflict has also reached Germany: protests are taking place in many German cities. Now the state parliament in Kiel is also positioning itself. The Schleswig-Holstein Landtag has sent a clear signal against anti-Semitism. "We're on the side ... more

Middle East conflict: this is how the spiral of violence could finally end

Hamas shot thousands of rockets at Israel, and the response was air strikes. Peace is still possible in the Middle East, says Julius von Freytag-Loringhoven in the guest post. After around 3,400 rockets fired at Israel with ten dead ... more

Middle East conflict: USA accuses Erdogan of anti-Semitism

The US government has strongly condemned the Turkish leader's recent statements about Israel. Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Israelis of "terrorism" against the Palestinians, among other things. The US government ... more

On duty: Policeman carries Wehrmacht tanks on his rucksack

He was deployed to secure Jewish facilities during a Middle East demonstration - and carried a Wehrmacht tank on his deployment bag. Now the police in Münster are investigating the officer. After wearing a backpack with a pictured ... more

US President - Gaza conflict: Biden supports ceasefire

Washington / Tel Aviv / Gaza (dpa) - In the Middle East conflict between Israel and militant Palestinians, US President Joe Biden has declared his support for a ceasefire. Biden said that in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ... more

Middle East conflict: Israel reports rocket fire from Lebanon

Tel Aviv (dpa) - According to the Israeli military, six rockets have been fired from Lebanon in the direction of Israel. But they all fell on Lebanese soil, the army said. In response, the military had artillery ... more

How the conflict in Israel is reopening old wounds

Jewish and Arab Israelis live side by side, but often separate from one another. They don't even go to the same schools. The violence is now spreading to many places in the country. A twelve-year-old becomes a symbolic figure. The seriously injured little Mohammed lies ... more

Hanover: Muslims and Jews want to make a joint statement

The escalation of violence in the Middle East is also causing protests and violent riots in Germany. In Lower Saxony, Muslims and Jews want to show their friendship. In view of the escalation of violence, Muslims and Jews in Lower Saxony are planning ... more

Two dead in the collapse of the grandstand in a synagogue in the West Bank

At an event for the Shavuot festival in the West Bank, the grandstand in a synagogue collapsed. Two people died and many others were injured. The building was still under construction. When a tribune in a synagogue collapsed in Israel ... more

Gysi calls for the end of German arms deliveries, including to Israel

No more German weapons abroad, not even to Israel: The Left Party's foreign policy spokesman has called for a German mediator role in the Middle East conflict. In the conflict, he criticizes both sides. The foreign policy spokesman for the left parliamentary group ... more