How serious are dents on a car


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We specialize in the machining of aluminum bodies and high-strength sheet metal.
We paint and process cars of all brands. Frame distortion is repaired using a Celette and Car-O-Liner straightening system. Whether stone chips, dents, broken exterior mirrors or scratches - with us everything is made fit again.
We also remove rust. Welding work and repairs are no problem for us.

We also like to work with your insurance company.
Damages that are covered by insurance are assessed by an expert and we would therefore like to point out that there may be waiting times, as we are only allowed to process the damage after the insurance has been assessed. We are of course very keen to repair the damage as quickly as possible.
To ensure your mobility, are Rental cars available.

During painting work, all cars are dismantled into the individual parts to be processed, sanded, cemented and then painted.
Therefore, you will not notice any color difference in the interior of the car on doors or other car parts.
Precession and cleanliness are a virtue for us. That is why we will clean your car for free and bring it to a high gloss.
This service is a little free delicacy for you.
Classic car restoration we are happy to take over, as we have the technical skills and the right tools.

We also press dents back into place.
Who doesn’t know that - just pulling back too quickly and already a dent in the rear.
Of course, a great repair and paint job would like to be avoided!
No problem - if the paint has not suffered any scratches or chips, you can simply push the dent out again with skillful work. You will be enthusiastic!

Even if a brake disc is already too thin - we will do it for you.
We also increase the life of your car by means of Underbody protection and cavity sealing.
Air conditioning service is also not a problem for us.

Of course, we also do repainting. Your car is red now and you would like it to be black?
No problem - our team is happy to hold a consultation with you to find the right paint for you.
Just ask - you can find our contact details here -> Contact

An additional service is from us Recovery and towing service as well as delivery of the fully repaired car. This means that the broken car is picked up by us and then brought back to you by means of a car transporter.

We look forward to your order.