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7 reasons for a voluntary social year

What a FSJ can do for you

The reasons why more and more young people choose a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)? Many want to get involved in society and help other people. Overall, the FSJ is a meaningful break for you and a real change from school. We'll give you 7 reasons why you should do an FSJ and what it will bring you:

1. Get involved socially and do good

In the FSJ you help others who need help. You are committed to society - voluntarily. You will meet people with whom you might otherwise have less to do in everyday life. Your commitment is in demand in many areas. Why is it important? You will get to know our society in all its many facets and develop a better understanding of people in their different life situations. This helps to strengthen cooperation in our society. You will see what your support can do! Try it!

2. Personal development in the FSJ

In the voluntary social year you strengthen your personality and develop enormously during this time. You meet new and very different people and get involved with them. In this way you show openness, curiosity and flexibility. Working with them, you will strengthen your team and communication skills. Sometimes you will encounter difficulties and have to resolve conflicts. That can be exhausting, but you will grow a lot with your tasks and challenges. If necessary, we will of course be at your side as a porter.

Over time you will be able to do more and more tasks in the FSJ independently and you will notice what you can achieve and achieve. With the FSJ you can strengthen your independence and your self-confidence. If that is not a good preparation for an apprenticeship or study.

3. Professional orientation in the FSJ - not only in the social area

Of course you will get to know the social area in the FSJ. Are you planning a degree or training in the social, medical, educational or nursing field? Then the FSJ is an ideal opportunity to check whether this area is right for you.

The FSJ is not only suitable if you want to become a doctor, educator, teacher or nurse. The voluntary service offers you the opportunity to orientate yourself in general about your career. A social year gives you the space and time to be clear about your professional and personal goals.

In the place of assignment, you will experience everyday work and find out which tasks you particularly enjoy and where your strengths lie. In the seminars you also have the opportunity to deal with your career aspirations as well as your competencies and skills.

Use the FSJ as an opportunity to check your career aspirations or find out which job suits you.

4. Gain practical experience

A voluntary social year is like an internship in that practical experience is also in the foreground. With a voluntary service you get involved in the social field. You experience everyday work and get to know the processes of an organization. After an FSJ you will know how to find your way in a work environment. Many training companies and companies appreciate it when applicants have already got a taste of practical experience.

The bonus in the FSJ to a conventional internship: the pedagogical support from us as your sponsor and from an instructor in the facility. In the FSJ you have plenty of scope to try out a lot in your practical work. In addition, your volunteer work for society is often valued more.

5. With the FSJ to the technical college entrance qualification

A FSJ brings you a lot and you can have your commitment credited in many ways.

With a twelve-month FSJ you canpractical part of the advanced technical college entrance qualificationacquire. If you have reached the academic part of the technical college entrance qualification as part of the upper school level at the grammar school (class 11 for G8; class 12 for G9), a comprehensive school or a vocational college, then you can have your FSJ counted as a practical part.

6. Recognition for studies and training

The FSJ is awarded as a(Pre-) internship or recognition year counted. Many colleges and universities also recognize volunteering as awaiting periodto and forgive for itSpecial points when applying.

Who does his voluntary service for a course with restricted admission would like to be credited, you should find out about the requirements (and in particular the reference dates) beforehand, for example at www.hochschulstart.de Then contact us or your respective volunteer service provider in order to arrange the start date of your service accordingly.

If you unexpectedly receive a confirmation of a place at the university, you do not necessarily have to break off your FSJ: You can usually have the place postponed. However, this is not standardized and can vary. It is best to find out more about their regulations at the respective college or university.

7. Take time out or use time wisely

You have your school leaving exams ahead of you or you recently graduated from school. Your whole life has consisted of lessons. How should it go on after school? Why should you take a break and do an FSJ?

Some think that an FSJ is a waste of time. You don't want to lose any time and study or work as quickly as possible. But they may then find out that the course or training does not suit you after all ...

Now that you have finished school, you have the opportunity to use time for yourself before you decide on a job.

With us in the FSJ you get the space and time to deal with yourself and your wishes and goals: What is important to me? What do i really want Where are my strengths? What do I want to do with my life?

An FSJ can help you to assess yourself better. By getting involved practically and getting to know new people, you may discover new sides and talents in yourself. We cannot give you a satisfaction guarantee for your professional decision. But we can support you in making a career choice.

Before you lose time later: Take a break now and take a little FSJ break!

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