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Tomato and cucumber raita

The refreshing starter recipe from India that makes a delicious salad with cucumber and tomatoes in a light yogurt sauce.

Chickpea salad

The chickpea salad recipe is a welcome and particularly tasty change from the classic salad dishes.

Indian salad

This Indian salad recipe gets a nice, full flavor note with turmeric, cardamom, star anise, bay leaves and cinnamon.

Chilli and Vegetable Salad

The chilli-vegetable salad is hot, spicy, fruity, piquant and gets a sweet note from the desiccated coconut. Try the great recipe.

Eggplant salad with chickpeas

The delicious eggplant salad with chickpeas is a wholesome and crunchy dish. Convince yourself of this recipe.

Indian raita salad

This Indian salad tastes refreshing and light with yoghurt dressing. Try the simple recipe out in the summer.

Chicken and pineapple salad

A light, fruity salad with cooked chicken and exotic pineapple. The simple salad recipe that goes perfectly with summer.