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Help with tracking problems

Will my package arrive today?

If the following status message appears in the shipment tracking in the morning by around 11 a.m., you can expect same-day delivery. Otherwise rather not.

International tracking

► www.17track.net and parcelsapp.com/de

These two tracking websites bundle shipment data from different sources. The Paketda editors rate them as reliable and clear. We also recommend tracking the Universal Postal Union. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it provides additional information.

International parcels are difficult to track if they are carried by several parcel services. Each parcel service operates its own shipment tracking. Due to incomplete data exchange, the status messages are sometimes incorrect or missing completely.

► Rule of thumb: the most reliable is always the tracking of the country in which the shipment is currently located.

Are you expecting an international broadcast in Germany? Then check the shipment tracking at www.dhl.de (parcel) and www.deutschepost.de/briefstatus (letter and parcel).

The tracking of international parcels sometimes remains without an update for weeks. No reason to worry; the waiting time arises due to the long transport route plus customs clearance in Germany if necessary.

How to recognize the shipping method

International tracking numbers often have this format: XX123456789ZZ. The first letter indicates the shipping method and the last two letters the sender country.

The first letter can be deciphered as follows:

The aforementioned scheme does not always apply. Exceptions are:

⇢ The Chinese mail order company Yanwen uses tracking numbers in the WV123456789 format that they invented themselvesYP. Tracking only works at track.yw56.com.cn

⇢ Shipments from Great Britain to Germany beginning with the letter R are partially delivered by GLS Germany. You can track the British shipment number here: www.gls-pakete.de

⇢ If an R shipment cannot be tracked at deutschepost.de/briefstatus, please call the Post hotline and inquire about an alternative German shipment number

⇢ Consignments from the USA or Asia from Deutsche Post often have a consignment number in the format RX123456789DE, i.e. with a DE ending, although the sender country is actually CN or US. Such shipments can be tracked at ecommerceportal.dhl.com or webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com.

Tracking websites of foreign postal companies

Enter a country name or the two-digit country code into the field, e.g. US for USA. A link to the respective country's postal website will appear.


Shipment tracking for your own website

Would you like to integrate the convenient tracking from Paketda on your own website? It's very easy to do and it's free. Here you will find the instructions for integrating parcel tracking.