What jobs will India lose through automation

air to breathe India is declaring war on air pollution with the Clean India campaign. Analytik Jena devices check whether the stricter limit values ​​in fuel production are being adhered to.

A team just in case "A lot of fires were burning",

Upendra Dixit remembers the heavy legacy he inherited in 2014 when he founded AJ Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. started. Analytik Jena had previously sold devices through dealers for 15 years, but the service left so much to be desired that its reputation in the country had suffered. "It was said that our devices were good, even superior, but if something breaks, God help you. We are all the happier today that we were able to score points in the TRI * M Index customer survey in 2018 with satisfaction values ​​of 84 and 87 percent . That was a confirmation of our work. "

The way to get there led through the establishment of a cross-functional team and reliable support across the entire subcontinent - with experienced specialists who are qualitatively up to their task. "In India, quantity is easier to find than quality," says Upendra Dixit. "So up until now, we have approached specialists when looking for personnel. Our reputation is now so good that we are increasingly receiving high-quality applications."

In the application center in Delhi, which was set up in 2016, customers can find out on the property whether the devices are suitable for their application. "We are well equipped and the team pulls together. And not only when we win, but also when we lose. They are part of it. And we have every reason to be proud," explains Upendra Dixit.