What is the past tense of the ride

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Conjugation of the word forms

Here you will find the word forms indicative and subjunctive of different tenses of the verb »fahren«.

infoSpelling rules: drive drove [let go, learn § 34(4); let go, let go [all hope] Section 34 E7]; [Car, train, bike ...] drive

Verb - basic form

infinitiveauxiliary verbType of conjugation
drive (→ noun)have / bestrong verb

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personindicativeSubjunctive I
Iride ride
youdrive drive
he she itmoves ride
wedrive drive
youjourney drives
youdrive drive

Present - expresses what is happening or the time reference is not fixed.


Idrove lead
youdrove lead
he she itdrove lead
weto lead to lead
youleads leads
youto lead to lead

First past or past tense - expresses past events. Narrative time in written narratives and reports.


drive / drive journey

Command form - is used to ask, ask, admonish or warn someone to do or not to do something.


Participle I - present tenseParticiple II - Perfect
driving (→ adj.)driven (→ adj.)

First and second middle word (the present and the past).

At the compound times

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