Can a printer print on cardboard

Printing on cardboard - what are the options?

Print business cards on cardboard

The usual grammage of business cards is not particularly high. One only speaks of cardboard from around 250 g / m², so most business cards are technically still "paper". And even grammages of 150 - 170 g / m² can in most cases still be processed in your own printer.

Trend: art paper

A company has started a trend that is gaining ground - namely to give business cards “more weight”. In the truest sense of the word, the business cards are printed on 450 gram hard cardboard. The picture printing paper used has an interesting feel and is very noticeable due to its weight.

The trend is mainly realized through digital transfer printing. This is also the best method for printing on other heavy cardboard. Usually this can be easily done in one of the many shops that also print digital images on mugs, pillow cases or even on tile substrates.

Sign and plate printing

Special techniques in sign and plate printing also make it possible to print on cardboard and all types of cardboard. Sandwich cardboard, corrugated cardboard or honeycomb cardboard can also be printed in high-resolution quality without any problems.

Additional work

There are still numerous options available for the finishing of the printed cardboard and cardboard - for example, a particularly smooth line can be provided haptically. In many cases it is also important to make the box or cardboard waterproof.

Printing on cardboard can also be a great alternative to painting on cardboard.