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The Lufthansa share

The Lufthansa share has been traded on various German stock exchanges and on the XETRA electronic platform since 1966. It is represented in the German MDAX share index. Lufthansa is part of the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and meets the associated high international transparency requirements.


Institutional investors52 %
Private shareholders48 %
Free float72 %

Key figures on the Lufthansa share

Stock market price (at the end of the year)10,8216,4119,7030,7212,27
Highest course16,6823,5130,9031,1215,29
Lowest rate7,0512,8517,3111,329,30
Number of sharesMillion597,7478,2475,2471,3468,8
Market capitalization (at the end of the year)Billion euros6,57,89,414,55,8
Earnings per share-12,512,554,585,034,46
Dividend per share--0,800,800,50
Dividend yield (gross)%--4,12,64,1
Distribution amountMillion €--380,0377,0234,4
Total shareholder return%-34,1-12,6-33,3154,4-12,3

Lufthansa share data

ISIN International Security Identification NumberDE0008232125
Security identification number823212
Ticker symbolLHA
Stock exchange listingFrankfurt
Paying AgentCommerzbank AG
Prime sectorTransport & logistics
Affiliation to indices (selection)MDAX, EURO STOXX, STOXX Global, Bloomberg EMEA Airlines Index, Bloomberg European Travel Index, DAX 50 ESG, MSCI EMU ESG, Vanguard ESG INTL STOCK ETF, STOXX Sustainabilty, EURO STOXX Sustainability