Is Heineken a Pilsener or a lager

The beer tester

Anyone who is abroad regularly will be able to sing a song about it. You stand in front of a large drinks fridge or sit in a restaurant and want to choose a delicious beer. The selection is usually huge, but unfortunately the products don't tell you anything.

Now there are two options:

  • Either you are keen to experiment and order one of the strange beers (which can also go in your pants) ...
  • ... or you play it safe and choose a well-known, imported beer.

If you decide on variant 2, you will definitely choose a Heineken Pilsener (or sometimes even lager beer) in 3/4 of all cases.

The facts:

  • Brand: Heineken Pilsener
  • Brewery: Heineken
  • Beer type: Pilsener
  • Type: bottle
  • Size: 0.33l
  • Alcohol content: 5.0%
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops
  • Tested on: 03/16/2013

In my opinion, it is undisputed that Heineken is a decent Pilsener. It certainly does not play in the Champions League (it is too mass-compatible for that), but with its slightly bitter and slightly sweet note, it continuously sniffs at the Euro League seats.

As they say? In doubt for the accused. Or here: When in doubt, better a Heineken than a failure. 🙂

A note is allowed at this point: if you order a Pilsener on tap in the Netherlands, you should be prepared for almost all of the foam to be removed from the glass with a plastic scraper. Of course, this increases the tapping speed, but it also reduces the enjoyment (not to mention the culture).

Overall grade: 2-