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6 ways to get you out when everything is shit

A relationship has broken down, nothing is going smoothly at work, have you been disappointed or are you feeling down for another reason? Then get yourself out of the hole!

on May 18, 2017, 2:05 p.m.

Sometimes nothing works and everything goes wrong. And no matter how hard you try, the next low seems to be waiting for you. A bit of wallowing in self-pity is good and important, but at some point it's time to get you out of this hole. Because: you can do it.

1. Have faith

When we lose something, fate determines whether we can get it back or not. Maybe it will come back better than before, maybe it will come back and you get a chance to wonder if you ever wanted to. In any case: You get the chance to decide. Just trust in life.

2. Make amends if necessary

People make mistakes. Apologize when you should apologize instead of living with remorse and guilt. Say "I'm sorry" to the people you owe this sentence to.

3. Know that shit happens sometimes

... and that there are simply people who suck. Because, again: we are all human. We all try to make the most of this life of ours. Sometimes we do nonsense, sometimes it's the others. Try to forgive and don't let your belief in the good in people be taken away from you.

4. All is not bad in the world

Not everything means the end of the world, even if it feels like it at first. Appreciate when you are fine and be aware of it. Take care of your body, your health and spend your days as you want to live them. Look at you Stop dwelling on grief and anger.

5. Set a goal and think about what it will take to achieve it

The best way to get yourself out of a deep: a goal, a reward to work towards. Define your very personal goal and put your energy into those things and steps that you need and have to do for them. Just do it.

6. Know when you have left old burdens behind

The time will come when you grow out of the old stories. You no longer need them and make room for new stories and new experiences. Say goodbye to the old ones, accept them as part of you who made you what you are today, and realize: You got yourself out of your way.