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Eichenhof animal crematorium: for a dignified farewell

Your pet is a loyal companion and a beloved family member. It is all the more difficult to say goodbye when it is yours. We at the animal crematorium in Wrestedt in the L√ľneburg Heath offer you the opportunity for a dignified farewell. We have been devoting ourselves sensitively to this topic since 2014.

Our attractive rooms and conditions on site enable sensitive prayer on site. In addition, we take care of the cremationYour favorite and support to say goodbye.

Animal burial with years of experience

Everyone grieves differently. Every pet-human relationship is characterized by its own specifics. We know this - because of our many years of experience in our animal crematorium and in the private sphere.

It is all the more important to have one in this difficult moment strong partner at the side to have. We see ourselves as exactly that, because we offer you more than just the organization of the animal burial.

The love for people, animals and jobs ensures that you are in good hands with us at the Eichenhof animal crematorium. Our warm, family atmosphere catches your grief a little. With us you will not feel alone, but honestly understood.

We promise you that your animal is in good hands with us.

Our oak yard

As individual as your pet: our heartfelt service in the animal crematorium

How do you imagine saying goodbye to your pet? Contact us with your wishes. We realize our motto conscientiously and after individual consultation with you "We give your animal the dignity it deserves." You will also find a wide range of tasteful urns with us.

If you wish, you also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase your animal friend asDiamondsperpetuate allow. For example, you can always carry it with you as a ring or chain - and not just in your heart.

On our website you can get a first impression of our animal burial activities. We look forward to hearing from you by phone or using the contact form. Contact us so that we can answer your questions about the animal crematorium in Wrestedt!