How do I share links on Instagram

Instagram: insert link in story - this is how it works

D.he stories are a popular feature on Instagram. But how does it look if you want to draw the attention of followers from the Instagram story to another offer via a link?

With some users you can see the "Swipe Up" command from time to time. After swiping up, you get to the linked website. To be able to insert a link in an Instagram story, your account must meet certain requirements.

How to insert links in an Instagram story

For a long time, the link feature was only withheld from business accounts. In the meantime, the function is at least theoretically available to all Instagram users. In order to set a link, however, your account must at least 10,000 followers exhibit. Alternatively, your profile is verified by the white and blue tick. If the conditions are met, insert a clickable link into the story as follows:

  1. Copy the paste link to the clipboard.
  2. Open Instagram and switch to camera mode.
  3. Select a picture from the gallery or take a new photo or video for your story.
  4. You will then find the at the top of the screen next to the sticker and editing functions Chains icon.
  5. In the link menu, choose whether you want to link a URL to a website or an IGTV video.
  6. Paste the link.
  7. Confirm your entry with the tick at the top right.
  8. Complete the story creation.

If your followers swipe up at the appropriate point in your story, they will get to the link target. It is easy to overlook the link notice when swiping through quickly. In order for the link to be recognized by your viewers, you should place an instruction on the Instagram picture. In addition to simple text input, there are also many swipe-up GIFs available as stickers. Alternatively, stop by GIPHY.

No 10,000 followers? That's how it works too

There is no way on Instagram to request verification. If you are missing a few followers up to 10,000, you have to take detours to set links:

  1. Write the link as text in your Instagram story. Followers then have to enter the link manually in their browser. To make the destination URL easier to remember, use a URL shortener like Bitly.
  2. Paste the link in your bio and refer to the description in the Instagram story.

Take a look at our DH-FotoAward to get new followers. In this way you break the limit of 10,000 fans faster and activate the link insertion function accordingly.

Link profiles in Instagram stories

Even without the minimum number of 10,000 followers, other Instagram users can be linked in a story:

  1. Control the camera mode to create a post.
  2. Insert some text.
  3. Write the @ symbol.
  4. Enter a username.

This Instagram account is then postponed in the story. If one of your viewers taps the name, he will be forwarded to the corresponding profile. The tagged profile is informed about the link in the story.

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