Using smartphones can cause finger pain

Experts warn against one-sided typing

Tap on both sides

Of course you can too Occupational therapists how Norina Weisenbilder from the central facility for physical therapy and rehabilitation at the UKL help. The 34-year-old knows the problem: “At every stop I see my future patients standing - head tilted, hunched back and thumb always in motion. Then are permanent Muscle tension the corollary. First the big flexor of the thumb, then the forearm, the shoulder, the neck. ”Occupational therapists and physiotherapists have mastered techniques with which fascia, muscles and connective tissue are loosened. A kinesio tape on the thumb saddle joint and on the thumb side of the forearm also helps to stabilize the long flexor of the thumb.

“I advise cell phone tippers to use both thumbs at the same time,” says the occupational therapist and physiotherapist. “This means that the thumbs do not have to cover great distances on the display, so they are not overstretched. And in general, the gimmick on the cell phone should stay within limits. Then the thumb doesn't hurt either. "

Prof. Langer points out, however, that the Cell phone addiction and their medical consequences are also taken into account by general practitioners. “I want to avoid over-treating quickly. So if a young person comes with pain in their hand, you don't have to immediately arrange for an X-ray, CT or even an MRI. An inexpensive ultrasound scan usually makes the swollen tendon visible. The manual therapy options do not have to be declined straight away. Quiet is sometimes enough, "says the Leipzig surgeon with a smile:" It would be best if the doctor could temporarily ban cell phones, as with their own children. "