Who was the first world champion

When and where did the first soccer World Cup take place?

In 1930 the time had finally come: FIFA, founded in 1904, hosted the first soccer World Cup in Uruguay, South America. When choosing the venue, the hosts prevailed against 13 other nations - and even won the world championship title.

Four groups took part in the first World Cup: Argentina, Chile, France, Mexico (group 1); Brazil, Bolivia, Yugoslavia (Group 2); Peru, Romania, Uruguay (Group 3); Belgium, Paraguay, USA (Group 4). Several thousand football fans expected the first World Cup game on July 13th, when France faced Mexico and clearly won 4-1. The tournament was very scoring: rarely did a game end with fewer than three goals scored. Things finally got serious on July 30th. Host Uruguay and neighboring Argentina contested the first World Cup final. In front of 70,000 spectators, a balanced game developed from the very first minute. Contemporary witnesses later recalled a game of exemplary passion, full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

When the outfield players went to their cabins for a break, the Argentinians surprisingly led 2 to 1. The Uruguayan fans were almost bursting with excitement. Would your team be able to overturn the game? Indeed: After Uruguay's striker Cea had equalized in the 60th minute, the hosts made steam again in the closing stages. Driven by the frenetic applause of the local battle-goers, Uruguay played like a frenzy and scored two more goals to win in the last 15 minutes of the game.

When the referee whistled the game, the stadium was like a madhouse: Uruguay had won the World Cup. The Uruguayan players are said to have cried for joy when the flag of the home team went up on the victory pole.

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