How is the campus of IISER Mohali

Unofficial IISER Mohali App

Welcome to the IISER-M app. This app is an attempt to make life at IISER-M a tad bit more manageable. It contains the links to useful IISER-M resources. As these resources involve signing in, it becomes a necessity for me to say that we do not collect or store any personally identifiable data on any server. All password data is stored only on your phone.

DISCLAIMER: This app is NOT an official listing of IISER Mohali or any other IISER, MHRD, Government of India, or any such organization. It is merely a student initiative to enrich life on campus.

Some features of the app

- Directly call with Emergency Numbers to Hostel caretakers and Medical Officers.
- Access and auto sign-in to all the necessary services that IISER provides (Moodle, ERP.) With the security of AES 256 encryption to securely store username and passwords on your device.
- Read Manthan's latest releases right from the app.
- Widgets and shortcuts for your favorite services.
- Never miss a club event by accessing the Club Events Calendar. Also, set reminders for club events you want to attend.
- Never miss an academic deadline with the academic calendar, just two taps away.
- Download all essential documents and forms.
- Protect your info by locking the app with a password and fingerprint authentication.
- Pay Messes, Canteens and other outlets on campus with UPI. You still need a Payments app.
- Quickly get your Wifi Password with a pre-filled mail to the correct mail-id.

A manual to the app -

We have open-sourced the app on GitHub -