Why is Microsoft PowerPoint so important

Microsoft PowerPoint features and expert tips to build your presentation professionally

Professionalize PowerPoint presentations through visualizations

There is no question that visualizations are becoming increasingly important in our society. Thanks to the further development of smartphones and the constant availability of the Internet, videos, animated or high-resolution images as well as sound and music are just a click away.

Due to the fact that people perceive and retain visual information more intensively, the use of visualizations in Microsoft PowerPoint is essential. Basically, the aim of a presentation in PowerPoint is to bring facts and information closer to the audience in a targeted manner using slides. Different fonts, highlighting and colors as well as different font sizes show the audience the relevance of the discussed issues.

At the same time, it is understandable that a presentation in which only texts are presented does not convince the audience. The more texts there are in a presentation, the more tiring the presentation becomes. For this reason, PowerPoint has numerous functions and stylistic devices to:

  • to promote the interest of the participants,
  • to increase attention and
  • involve the audience.

Visualizations in PowerPoint - here you will find the most important functions

You always insert texts in PowerPoint via the “Start” tab. In the “Font” and “Paragraph” menu areas you will find the most important options for effectively individualizing texts.

The “Font and Paragraph” menu areas provide you with professional tools for customizing regular texts in PowerPoint.

Incorporate graphics and SmartArt - these are your options

In addition to the usual text bodies in a presentation, it makes sense to use images and the smart art graphics popular in Microsoft for the conception of slides. Explanatory graphics underline texts without words and increase their expressiveness. If you give a presentation on technical details or specific content, it is all the more important to support the information with suitable graphics and SmartArts.

Graphics and SmartArts can be found in Microsoft PowerPoint in the "Insert" tab under the menu items "Images" and "Illustrations."

Among other things, you have the option:

  • Integrate pictures from a personal photo album into the slides or