Is beer halal

Alcohol-free beer

Many larger beer manufacturers often offer non-alcoholic beer or malt beer, which is aimed primarily at certain groups who want or have to avoid alcohol. The first question that arises here is whether these drinks are really completely free of alcohol or whether they still contain small traces of alcohol.

There are a number of manufacturing methods that can be used to make non-alcoholic beer. The most widely used two methods are performed as follows:

1 - Initially, normal, alcoholic beer is brewed through the fermentation process. In retrospect, the alcohol contained is either made to evaporate by a heat process or removed from the drink under vacuum.

2- During fermentation, a so-called fermentation stop is initiated, whereby the fermentation process is interrupted before the alcohol content of 0.5 percent by volume is reached

Due to the technology, however, a small amount of the alcohol remains in the drink. According to German food law (Article 47 of the Wine Ordinance Art. 3), such drinks can be declared as "non-alcoholic" as long as the alcohol content is below 0.5 percent by volume. Only those drinks and food that are completely free from alcohol are allowed to carry the declaration "without alcohol".

Is it allowed to drink non-alcoholic beer?

In view of the fact that non-alcoholic beer still shows traces of alcohol, but these do not lead to intoxication, the question now arises whether the consumption of such a drink is still permitted from an Islamic point of view.

According to some assessments, such a drink is classified as "unclean" (najis), since the original drink, the wine, was unclean and will continue to be preserved as an unclean drink, since it does not become pure through the withdrawal of the alcohol. According to this, only a malt drink that has never been fed into the fermentation process can be halal.

Another problem is that such non-alcoholic beer can, after some time, also cement the desire for other alcoholic beverages or beer. Even if the consumption of non-alcoholic beer is allowed, it is beneficial for every Muslim consumer to avoid dubious foods and to resort to alternative beverages.