Are my split teeth ugly or not

gaps in the teeth leftover food fill the gap after each meal. Help!


So please only answer if you can see the picture, otherwise you will not understand the question :)

So I got two teeth pulled on Thursday. Namely 2nd jaw tooth and 1st molar at the top on the right side.

I still have the 2nd molar in there and the wisdom tooth in the gums.

Well, I don't like to have these gaps any more, because I can no longer chew on this side and it's very annoying to only chew on one side, so I don't enjoy eating anymore.

Thought that with fixed braces you could push the 2nd molar in place of the 2nd molar and the wisdom tooth out of the gums with a brace, so that there is no longer a gap, so that the row of teeth is almost complete.

Would that work with fixed braces?

So practically the two last teeth, i.e. wisdom tooth and the one in front, simply move forward.

Would that go with its fixed braces?

It is also the case, my other teeth are all crooked anyway, because there is not enough space and therefore I want to do without implants, since there is so little space anyway and there would be enough space for the wisdom tooth and I want to be honest with gaps in my teeth Don't walk around at 15 (I'm a girl), I'm already completely depressed and I don't like eating anymore because my teeth are so ugly, everyone thinks, oh, they don't care anyway, I don't want to hang out with them blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blazes.

I really NEVER like having implants in there !!!

Would that also work with its fixed braces ???

After that, all my teeth would be straight and I would be happy and could chew on the right side again.

I really don't want to go on living anymore, unless the gaps between the teeth are closed !!!!!! But with a clasp and not with a stupid implant !!!!!!!!!!

Ps: I want to ask you first before I go to the dentist again !!