How liberal is Nevada

Nevada's Liberal Gun Laws

Guns are always and immediately available in Nevada. The state has the most liberal regulations in the United States.

Vienna / Carson City. Carrying weapons is prohibited in kindergartens, schools and universities as well as in the security area at airports. Otherwise, guns can be brought with you at any time in the US state of Nevada: in bars - even if you drink alcohol (the same legal limit applies to gun holders that you also have to observe when driving a car) -, in casinos or in public buildings. Nevada has one of the most liberal gun laws in the United States.

Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase a weapon with no waiting periods, no permits, and no need to register. Guns can be bought not only from an official dealer, but also from private sellers at flea markets or on the Internet. The possession of semi-automatic rifles with large magazines is also permitted without restriction.

Background checks to check the criminal past and mental health are paradoxically only necessary when buying from a retailer, but not privately. A permit is only required for those who want to carry a weapon concealed under their clothing or in their handbag. Weapons can be carried openly, i.e. easily visible, at any time.

The loose gun laws are justified with the right to self-defense. Immediately after the massacre in Las Vegas, the debate about stricter requirements flared up again. (zoe)

("Die Presse", print edition, October 3rd, 2017)