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"Lectures on the Secret Doctrine 2. The Hierarchy of the Devas and Prajapatis"

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by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar


The Adityas are the unmanifest light of awareness. They are the devas of consciousness. The devas of power, the rudras, bring them down. The vasus are the devas who manifest. We should understand how these devas are responsible for the genesis of creation as well as that of man. The "Secret Doctrine" provides the keys so that we can connect well with this story; therein lies its meaning. The second volume of the "Lectures on the Secret Doctrine" gives an introduction to the hierarchy of the Devas and Prajapatis.

The book has not yet been published in German.

2013 Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India. Dhanishta; Hergiswil, Switzerland.


The hierarchy of the devas

Since each of us studies one or the other book from the esoteric point of view,
in order to expand our understanding it is appropriate to provide some information on the types of devas as they exist. Only then can we understand the general arrangement of cosmogenesis and also of anthropogenesis. One should understand how these devas are responsible for the creation of creation and also for human beings. From time to time we hear so many names of devas.

Of course what we are discussing now is not a complete description, yet there is a general idea so that we can inwardly see the framework of what the hierarchy of these devas is.

We start with those devas we know as the Gandharvas.

1. Gandharvas

The German term can be viewed as the musical tones before creation.
They exist even before creation. They are like waves and are symbolically represented by the sign Aquarius. They move in waves. The Gandharvas rule over the realm that goes from this state to the state of the music we know. In manifestation they guide the chant of the breath, but they are beyond creation. It is the state that the Lord is in, the absolute state. The Gandharvas can be called the absolute God.

There are countless waves in space. When a wave becomes a latent creation, it becomes an egg. This is how nature emerges. After that, the devas are born in the egg. We call this the cosmic egg. In Sanskrit it is called Brahmanda. In this anda or egg the devas exist in potential form. There is no light yet, nothing is manifest yet.

The Gandharvas are beyond. Even if they are in creation, they are untouched by creation. You are above and beyond her. For your understanding, I will try to describe the devas by their names. Later you can think about them so that they slowly become a reality for you.

The Gandharvas are like musical notes. You have gone beyond the highest bliss. The bliss of existence on every plane can be traced back to these Gandharvas. They can be called the blessed devas. Happiness relates to the senses and the body. Joy is related to the soul. Bliss is a state in which the soul merges into the universal soul and its individual existence ceases. This is bliss. We speak of this in the prayer:

“Master, please let us receive the influx of Thy Plenty of Prana into our system, so that we may transcend disease, decay and death, realize the highest truth, the pure love and the bliss of existence”.

(Master, please let us receive the influx of your pranic abundance into our system so that we transcend sickness, decay and death, realize the highest truth, pure love and the bliss of existence and serve humanity according to your plan.)

This means that the bliss of existence is attuned to the universal soul; thereby the individual soul ceases to exist. Only when we come back from this bliss do we know that we were in it. This is the highest grace that the Lord can pour on us. This bliss is beyond definition. Even the greatest initiates long for this bliss by the grace of the Lord. It is only received by grace; it cannot be acquired. This grace pours out the bliss and is the presence of these Gandharvas.

Please remember, they are beyond time, space and any mass.


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