Cheeseburgers are outrageous

Do you love burgers and fast food? Then you have to go to these US states

This is something for real burger fans: A study in the USA examined which US state had the most fast food restaurants per inhabitant. And the winner is - in fact: Alabama. In the state in the south-east of the country, there are 6.3 burger shops per 10,000 inhabitants, according to the figures from Datafinitiy.

So, if you enjoy eating a lot of fast food, you might want to plan your next trip to the US to the southern states.

Because: Of the ten states with the greatest burger richness, only Nebraska and Indiana are not in the south. In contrast, there are very few fast food shops in the northeast. Vermont, on the Canadian border, has 1.9 restaurants per 10,000 residents. This is incredibly little by US standards.

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Almost every fifth Subway fast food restaurant

Incidentally, most of the branches are not from McDonald’s. Instead, 18.5 percent of all branches are from Subway. McDonald’s follows in second place with 11.3 percent of all fast food restaurants - ahead of Burger King, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

However, if you're planning a city trip and are into fast food, New York City may not be the best choice - at least when you look at the per capita density of restaurants. With 0.6 fast food shops per 10,000 inhabitants, New York ranks last in the ranking of major cities. It leads Orlando, Florida with an incredible 18.4 restaurants. This is a restaurant for around 500 residents.