What is the EIN for SSA

Definition of SSA

School social work sees itself as a field of action for child and youth welfare, which works together with the school in a defined and institutionalized form. School social work aims to accompany children and young people in the process of growing up, to support them in coping with life that is satisfactory for them and to promote their skills in solving personal and / or social problems.

(based on Drilling, 2001, p. 95, Answers to Altered Living Worlds, Haupt Verlag).


Laslo Niffeler

Telephone, SMS, signal, Whatsapp: 078 866 06 36

[email protected]

Attendance times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Aeschrain primary school
School social work
New building / basement
Schulhausstrasse 16
8934 Knonau


Contact points for parents and students:

Contact points for parents and students.pdf [pdf]


  • Flyer school social work [pdf, 289 KB]
  • Site plan school social work [PDF, 130 KB]
  • Parents Flyer Albanian [PDF, 79.0 KB]
  • Parents flyer in Arabic [PDF, 67.0 KB]
  • Parents flyer English [PDF, 90.0 KB]
  • Parents flyer French [PDF, 66.0 KB]
  • Parents flyer Italian [PDF, 79.0 KB]
  • Parents Flyer Portuguese [PDF, 12.0 KB
  • Parents Flyer Spanish [PDF, 14.0 KB]
  • Parents Flyer Serbo-Croatian [PDF, 53.0 KB
  • Parents flyer Turkish [PDF, 58.0 KB]
  • Amharic parents' flyer [pdf, 37.71 KB]
  • Parents Flyer Tigrinya [pdf, 38.09 KB]