Why is the world so messed up

Integration study: "You are so confused between the worlds"

Look at Goethe: “The Germans”, according to the Weimar Privy Councilor, “and not they alone have the gift of making the sciences inaccessible.” The saying is quoted in the study “Living Worlds of Young Muslims in Germany”, which was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior was created. And the reception of the study can serve as evidence that Goethe is right. The work of the psychologists, sociologists and communication scientists from Jena, Bremen, Linz and Weimar comprises 764 pages, but their statement - immediately after the publication on Thursday at 11.30 a.m. - in the media presentation and public discussion was largely reduced to the statement, 22 percent of German and 48 percent of non-German young Muslims would reject integration.

The reactions were as quick as predictable. The integration officers of the FDP, CDU, SPD and Greens emphasized that the study, which they could not possibly have read by then, was unscientific and tendentious.

It was recalled that Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) had contradicted the statement made by his predecessor Wolfgang Schäuble and former Federal President Christian Wulff (both CDU) that Islam belongs to Germany.

Even a serious commentator such as Marietta Slomka on ZDF interpreted the fact that the decisive - negative - numbers were to be read the day before in the "Bild" newspaper as evidence of the interior minister's intention to scandalize.

On the other hand, Thilo Sarrazin felt “brilliantly confirmed”, although the study expressly states that the discussion about his book had damaged the integration of Muslims in Germany. And Minister Friedrich followed up two days after the study was published in "Bild" with the claim: "The multi-cultural illusion has failed!"

"Hyphenated identity" as German Turks

Although the study explicitly calls for Muslims to have a “bicultural” life in Germany, that is, a “hyphenated identity” as German Turks or German Muslims, in which they “retain their traditional culture of origin and at the same time adopt the German majority culture”.

Goethe once more: “God's is the Orient! / God's is the Occident! / North and South Terrain / Rest in the peace of his hands. ”With this verse from the“ West-Eastern Divan ”the study closes. At first one can call this a pious wish. Because the mutual reservations are great.

In multi-generational interviews with Muslim families and in telephone interviews with young Muslims between 14 and 32 years of age, stronger prejudices were found on average compared to the control group of German non-Muslims, sometimes even strongly negative emotions towards the West and towards Jews, and more pronounced religious fundamentalist attitudes , a greater distance from democracy and a higher acceptance of ideologically based violence "as a means of defense against the threat from the West" - for example in Afghanistan or Iraq and especially against Israel.

Worrying result

Anyone who does not find the finding worrying or wants to explain it away with “experiences of discrimination” has to put up with the accusation of trivialization.