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Sensitive, harmonious, calm, conscientious, perfectionist, reliable
Functions:Introverted Thinking (Ni) - Extroverted Feeling (Fe) - Introverted Thinking (Ti) - Extroverted Sensing (Se)
Frequency:approx. 0.5 percent of all men - approx. 1.5 percent of all women

INFJs are among the idealists. They are the least common personality type, making up only about 1 percent of the population. INFJs are friendly and warm, but also very complex individuals. You are creative, artistically gifted and discover hidden meanings and connections that remain hidden to others.

INFJs see things intuitively without being able to say how or why. They are often correct in their assessments and usually know it. Accordingly, INFJs trust above all in their spontaneous inspirations and their inner voice. At the same time, however, they also attach great importance to a tidy and structured environment. This conflict of inner perception and outer preferences means that INFJs are not as organized as other J-types. This can sometimes be bizarre, for example through an extremely messy desk in an otherwise very tidy apartment.

INFJs can ask for a favor in a way that makes it nearly impossible to turn back. You also have an amazing insight into people and situations. Thanks to their intuition and experience, they can often predict exactly what someone will do next. However, they find it difficult to verbalize their intuitions. As a consequence, most INFJs keep their insides hidden from others. They are deep and complex personalities that are often difficult to fathom and are sometimes prone to secrecy.

Still, INFJs are at least as loving as they are complicated. Their sincere kindness and concern for their fellow human beings make INFJs highly valued. INFJs always try not to hurt the feelings of others. They find it difficult to endure conflicts and avoid them wherever possible. In exceptional cases, however, an INFJ can burst the collar, the result is a veritable fit of anger. In general, INFJs tend to eat into themselves and therefore often suffer from health problems when they are under stress.

I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but triumph over it. A courageous man is not fearless, but overcomes his fear.
Nelson Mandela

Because INFJs have strong intuitive abilities and trust their own instincts before anything else, they are sometimes stubborn and ignore the opinions and advice of others. INFJs almost always believe they are right. On the other hand, however, they are also perfectionists who always doubt themselves and are never entirely at peace with themselves. They believe in permanent self-improvement and do not like to rest on what has already been achieved.

INFJs also maintain strict moral standards and consistently orient their lives according to what they think is right. Since the feeling preference prevails in INFJs, they are friendly and relaxed contemporaries in many ways. However, their preference for judging also means that they have high expectations of themselves and those around them. And when it comes to their ideals, they are sometimes pretty uncompromising.

The INFJ is a natural provider - patient, devoted, protective. INFJs make loving parents and maintain a strong bond with their offspring. They have high expectations of their children and always keep them doing their best. They can sometimes seem tough and demanding, but in general the children of an INFJ can enjoy a solid upbringing and loving care.

In professional life, INFJs can often be found where they can act creatively and reasonably independently. You have a natural affinity for art. Often, however, you can also find them in service-oriented professions. You work more leisurely but thoroughly and are not friends of details or small-step tasks. INFJs will either try to avoid such work or get so lost in the details that they lose sight of the big picture and tend to be pedantic.

The INFJ is a special personality type in many ways. He has powerful intuitive abilities and is devoted to caring for the well-being of his loved ones. The INFJ is a complex character full of deep feelings and even if life is not always easy for him, he persistently follows his ideals and is rewarded with the respect and love of his fellow human beings.

The strengths & weaknesses of the INFJ psychologist
Strengthen weaknesses
  • Creative
  • Insightful
  • Inspirational and convincing
  • Determined
  • Determined and passionate
  • Altruistic
  • Sensitive
  • Very withdrawn
  • Perfectionist
  • Needs an incentive
  • Tends to burnout
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