Why You Should Invest in Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness: what is it about?

How often have you heard of “corporate wellness”? Can you define it correctly?

It's a concept that can be implemented in many different ways, but all of them have one key factor in common: the goal of improving employee health and company performance, as well as ensuring physical, psychological and social well-being at every level or in every task.

Many companies opted for wellness and health programs even before the Covid-19 emergency put the importance of health and immune defense even more in the foreground; the global corporate wellness market was $ 54 billion in 2018, and some recent surveys estimate sales to be $ 90 billion by 2026.

Health management, nutrition programs, stress management activities, fitness: these are just some of the programs that a growing number of companies have chosen. There are programs for every taste: experience-oriented, interactive, for groups or individuals, in the company or outside the workplace, theoretical or practical.

So how do you choose the right program?

You should take a careful look at your company! Only after you have identified the main problems can you decide which program to carry out and, most importantly, what goals you want to achieve. In general, you should adopt a culture of wellbeing that takes into account certain fundamental factors:


Take care of the mental health of your employees

Burnout or “work stress” - now officially recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization - has a negative impact on productivity. Help your employees to reduce it and deal with it more constructively, for example by introducing yoga or mindfulness activities (find out more in “Why a company should invest in mindfulness”).



Provide areas for power naps

The so-called “relaxing afternoon nap” is anything but a form of “idleness” during working hours. Many studies have now proven the regenerative power of power nap: a few minutes of sleep to recover with more energy and focus, which results in more effective results and without counterproductive accumulation of stress for both the employee and the company in general.

Regenerating area at workplace - powered by Zerobody


Introduce psychophysical wellness systems that are suitable for everyone

Don't forget that your company is made up of people who are all different from each other. Each with their own preferences, needs, problems, tasks, stress management skills, fears and beliefs. In addition to specific programs such as fitness or yoga, introduce solutions that enable everyone to take short breaks for regeneration without contraindications and without age limits.



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