Which school has implemented the ERP?

Implementation of ERP systems in teaching at vocational schools

Due to the mandatory requirement for the use of merchandise management systems in teaching at vocational schools, the need to use an ERP system is increasing in more schools. In order to even enable the start of an ERP-integrated lesson, the following research questions must be answered:

1: How can a merchandise management system be implemented sustainably in teaching at vocational schools

The focus here is particularly on sustainability. This means that measures have to be found that go far beyond simply providing an ERP system.
This key question therefore also gives rise to other important questions to be considered, especially if one takes a closer look at the existing resources of a school. This particularly concerns the existing rooms and the capacities in the respective teaching staff. Therefore, the following question must also be clarified:

2: How can a merchandise management system be introduced in vocational schools without placing excessive strain on the limited spatial, temporal and personal resources?

The way in which lessons are organized at vocational schools depends on the one hand on the teachers and their respective qualifications. On the other hand, the organization of the respective school and the technical and spatial equipment also influence the possibilities of lesson design. In order to be able to comprehensively answer the central research question, additional questions must be answered. With regard to the teachers, it seems necessary to clarify the following question:

3: How can the basic and advanced training of teachers be modified in all phases of teacher training in order to ensure that ERP systems are used in accordance with the curriculum?

Several questions arise with regard to schools. Not only the schools alone may be considered here, but also the school environment.

3-1: How can schools be supported externally in order to ensure that teaching is in line with the curriculum?
3-2: How can the organization of a school support a curriculum-compliant use of inventory control systems?
3-3: Which spatial and technical resources enable or promote the use of merchandise management systems?

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