Is LumaFusion as good as Premiere Pro

Since an iPad Pro 11 inch has found a home in my household, I have of course also tried to get my work processes regulated on it.

In my case, that means the mails, calendars, blogging, photos, 4K video editing, etc. B. honestly did not expect a functioning video editing, since we are still talking about a tablet in the end. With LumaFusion but you will be taught better very quickly.

Of course, in everyday life it should definitely depend on what level of video editing you are at. Anyone who works with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere or similar and excessive color grading and 18 tracks will of course reach the limits of LumaFusion.

But three video and three sound tracks, 4K support, transition effects, color adjustments, sound adjustments, keyframes, picture in video, video in video, etc. are also available for the video editing app LumaFusion on the iPad no foreign words!

Thanks to USB Type-C, you can also conveniently drag your existing clips onto the tablet memory and then get started right away. An Apple Pen is for easy cutting Not necessary, but could make one or the other function easier.

But let's get to the app first. It was available on offer for around 17 EUR, but the normal price in the App Store is more like 32.99 EUR.

Sounds very expensive at first glance, but I have to say that the app is definitely worth the price in the end. Even if you compare the possibilities with corresponding programs on the PC and their price.

I created a short clip in LumaFusion and filmed the procedure, as this should show in a much more convenient way what is possible even for me as a layman in the shortest possible time.

Video: Tried LumaFusion

As already indicated, I am very surprised that everything went so well. For me as a beginner in video editing, the functions in the app are definitely sufficient. To be honest, I actually find video editing to be easier in the end than on the MacBook Pro and will consider whether the iPadPro in conjunction with this app alone might be enough for longer trips.

Michael Meidl rates LumaFusion with 4.5 out of 5 points.

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