What are the startup error factors

WhatsApp cannot be loaded because the internal memory is not available

You want to chat with your friend or family using a messenger, but hear from them: “I cannot download WhatsApp to your mobile phone.” Show him some of our tips - they will help eliminate errors while downloading and configuring Messenger.

The cause of the failure

The most common starting failure factors are:

  • complete absence or unstable internet connection;
  • the discrepancy between time and date on the smartphone - in modern models, with the help of the Internet, this data is synchronized according to the time zone of the area in which the owner is located;
  • There is not enough space on the phone or removable drive, or the SD card is damaged or locked to install programs.

How to fix the problem

After we find out the reasons, let's solve the problem. Depending on the occasion, try the following methods:

  1. If the cause is an unstable network, turn the network off and then on again. If that doesn't help, switch from mobile internet to the wireless network. If this still does not resolve the problem, restart your computer.
  2. If the date information does not match, enable data transfer. The date is adjusted automatically and the time corresponds to the area in which you are located.
  3. A small amount of the SD card can only be repaired by cleaning it or replacing it with a large volume USB flash drive. You can erase the drive by removing unused applications and multimedia files. Clear the cache of programs and browsers. This frees up a lot of storage space. This may be enough to download WhatsApp.
  4. Unfortunately, the malfunction of a removable disk cannot be fixed - only by replacing it. Toggle the function of saving downloaded files on the phone.

With these simple recommendations, you can download and install the world's most popular messenger and communicate with loved ones from anywhere in the world.