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Pressure cooker pork stew - step-by-step recipe with photos while cooking at home

Hello !!! I gave my husband a Christmas present at work - a couple of kg. Young low-fat Swintinka. And he decided to make a stew out of this meat. Revised many video recipes in Utyuba. And chose the most optimal, steamy, turned out to be just wonderful. Now I want to share with you, maybe someone will come in handy.


Meat pork
Salt (from the calculation of 1 teaspoon per 1 kg of meat)
Ground black pepper (from the calculation of 1/3 teaspoon per 1 kg. Meat)
Bay leaves
Water is cold

We need: * Pressure cooker * Glass jars with a swirling lid (so that we are included in the pressure cooker, we have half. Litter) * Rinse kitchen salfethacology, dry, dry and in pieces (size pieces at your discretion It must now measure how much You need meat, because this is what you need to put minced meat in a jar that you cook stew in. And weigh that meat on the scales. The meat must not be put on the top, but at the bottom of the neck and not firm, so there is air, otherwise if the meat is prepared then it won't go to the juice. It's in half. It's in half. It's in half. It's in half. It is It's a literal jar of smooth meat-bottom halved.

Our pressure cooker includes 4 such glasses. So we take 2 kg. Meat, 2 teaspoons of salt and a little more than half a teaspoon of pepper. All of this is pretty mixed.

Then we put a bay leaf on the bottom of each vessel and put meat there, again it is not tight and not in front of the top. Now we close the jars with covers. I did not die of sterilized jars, I just rinsed and dried them well. On the bottom of the pressure cooker put a cloth napkin or gauze that likes more. This should be done in such a way that when boiling glasses did not knock on the bottom of the pressure cooker and God forbid not to fall.

Put the jars in the pressure cooker and pour it Cold Water on the neck (again along the bottom edge and not upwards).

You close a tight pressure cooker lid, install the valve on the lid as it says in your pressure cooker instructions, and turn on the stove. When the kettle boils the valve and works, we reduce the heating of the plate to the smallest and leave meat prepared for 2 hours. The plate you turn off, you can leave the pressure cooker on the stove, Do not open Until it is fully cooled. We prepared in the evening and left the pressure cooker on the stove for the whole night. After how the wrister was completely cooled, open it, open it, take the jars, carry them and, like the author, just keep them on the shelf in the storage room. It just turned out to be excellent. We opened a glass for samples and I put potatoes out with stew, it turned out to be very tasty !!!

That's it. I hope you use this recipe.

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I want my way of cooking homemade transportation.

I know the easier, quick and reliable recipe for cooking domestic fishing! I prepare it from any meat: chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, turkey, homemade chickens and ducks.

Meat-2.5-3 kg (depends on the volume of the pressure cooker)

Salt large-1 tbsp. l. on kg of meat

Book sheet-8-10 pcs. or to taste

Black Peas Peas-10PCS. or to taste

The fatty domestic fishing can be customized by yourself. Most of the time I choose pork ham or scoop with a small sala layer, this is enough. Many are 0.5-1 kg of pork, finely chopped, finely chopped, turned over, meat meat with spices and boiled.

Cut the meat cubes about 3 * 3 or 5 * 5 cm as you like. If the meat without fat (for example, chicken fillet) pour a bottom of a glass of water so that it does not fit.

Mix well with salt, leave half an hour and then add a bay leaf.

Close the pressure cooker tightly and cook on medium heat for 1.5-2 hours, depending on the type of meat. Chicken and turkey will brew 1-1.5 hours faster, pork 1.5-2 hours, and beef at least 2-3 hours. If this is the first time you cook the stew and in doubt, you can turn off the pressure cooker in 1-1.5 hours, cool under cold water, open, open and try meat to readiness, salt. Close and joke with a calm soul) cans and covers with soda washing and sterilizing. Hot cloth decompose on banks and roll. Invite in the refrigerator or in the basement.

Handwood from poultry takes more time. But in my family, rustic chickens and ducks are only used in the form of stew or keen) carcass cut by 6 parts, in a pressure cooker pour water, salt, pepper add peas and bay leaf. To slaughter 40 minutes, refrigerate the pressure cooker, open, pull out the meat, separate from the skin and bones, return to the broth and put to joke about 1 hour. Large pieces of meat can be cut to carry the stew if necessary. All methods of cooking are different, some hostesses do not interfere and put meat with bones and skin in banks. I don't like it and you make up your own mind.

If your stew is well mastered, has failed, has a fatty tube that does not allow the product to penetrate, rolled into well-sterilized dishes, the cover is tight, then it can be stored in a roll in the refrigerator for up to 3 years . However, it is better to use it for the first year of storage. The duration of storage of stewing also depends on the quality of meat.

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================================================== ===============.

And now


In the Unsersson 4002 pressure cooker

I used pork legs with skin, turkey, turkey wings. The skin gives a very strong jelly

My meat, I clean, cut, cut large and lay in the pan - it turned out a little too much, and more bones than such

I add 2 teaspoons of a mixture of dried herbs (my summer blanks), pepper pepper, bay leaf - just a little.

Poured water to cover meat. It was possible to pour a little more, the place did not allow, the pan is only 4 liters.


Cool mode, time 58 minutes

At the end of the preparation, the volume increased due to meat liquid. The lid from such a quantity got dirty, but the valve could stand, nothing was convinced

The meat is completely twisted! Even bones became soft at all.

We separate meat from bones, which turned out to be great.

I spilled meat with leaky broth in molds, chill and clean it in the refrigerator.

From the finished cold, the fat is not required to shoot, it is a good conservative in the cold and protects the keeper from drying out. I just remove fat before serving on the table, we don't eat fat

Today removed the sample removed:

As can be seen from meat with good gelling properties, it turned out a strong cold

Enjoy your appetite for everyone!

Found on this website a quick recipe for a real Gestovo stew that was autoclaved. The thing's autoclave is rarely found in the common man's kitchens in the kitchen, however, but his younger sister spear serum is already easier! And so I dominated the infa from the forums of the former Soviet, and now the residents of Doychland and the forum "Yaplakal". Ru "Production of the usual Soviet stew. A typical one that I have had since the development of the development of the Soviet polar region, the right companion, in all everyday situations from the trip to the campaign, to the hut, to the preparation of the quick dinner, the hut, to the preparation of the quick dinner, the hut, to prepare the quick dinner.In the photo of the vector image on the left, the pork fat stew, on the right beef.

Cut meat (beef or pork) by pieces with matchboxes. Pasteurize banks, I have banks of 520 GR with twisted lids. Sprinkle 5 liters of "summit". Today I have 1 kg of beef, therefore 2 banks, but if necessary, but in the pan and 3. Ideally, the second variety of beef variety, films. This makes you nervous when you're scrolling in a meat grinder. These axes give jelly and surprise completely disappear from meat. I come completely from a piece of blades - on minced meat or goulash and trimming in stew.

Complex doses: at the bottom of each 1-bay leaf and several peppers, the rest of the skins and a spoonful of salt throughout the volume. Using a lot of ground paws, it is possible to put with the amount of salt - more or less taste, one of the guests recommends a small number of onions, it's all at your discretion. Users note that the order of the bookmark spices and salt is made, in the process everything is mixed. IMPORTANT! It is necessary to leave the free space between meat and the lid of the can, at least 1 cm. It's not worth it - it's a shame if you select the cover and the content is lost ...

After entering the navel of the pressure pointer to the outside, speaking about the accompanying process of cooking under pressure, set the timer. Beef 90-95 minutes, pork 80-85 minutes. I usually start in the evening, the timer shows on the stove and follow the pressure and reduce the heating power. The process is quite economical as after 20 minutes of cooking, after 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, 10% will go to power mode. After the timer is turned off, I leave everything as it is and sleep you sleep.

I prepare bare food in reserve with a lack of time when you cook dinner / supper. For all the time in my experience (banks are not on hold for more than a month), no bank has disclosed. After the month the contents are still tastier than immediately after cooking. Jelly, fat, meat consistency, especially praise, no comparison with what is on sale. It is possible, if you increase the amount of salt, the shelf life can be increased to several years, but I do not yet see the need. But who knows? The Soviet man in genetics put the need to have a stew in the basement, flour, matches, salt and grandfathers in salidol :)

Prepare ingredients.

Rinse the meat well and place it in the pressure cooker cup.

Pour vegetable oil and add a bay leaf.

Add bulk pepper and peas.

Add salt.

Install the bowl in the multicooker pressure cooker. Put the valve in the "closed" position.

Install the "Fastening" program in the display. Cooking time - 60 minutes.

In an hour carefully take the mug off the pressure cooker.

Put the meat in a clear bench with a volume of 0.5 liters.

Slide the can with a lid.

Here is such a stew released!

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Homemade billets look forward to us all year round, so I suggest making a stew of meat with your own hands. At home, the workpiece is absolutely simple, and today I will tell you about the two most popular ways: in a slow cooker and in a pressure cooker.

Home billets are better in small volumes, for example in half-liter and liter banks. Such an amount is enough to prepare dinner from the meat stew. Even open the jar of your apartment stew and put it on top of boiled or fried potatoes, delicious!

The recipe uses beef, although the stew on this recipe can be made from other types of meat pork, chicken, turkey, veal, etc. The home stew surpasses the store product in its useful qualities, since it does not contain harmful components.

Beef Stew on a Slow Cooker - Step-by-Step Recipe


  • Beef - 1.5 kg pulp (boneless) or pork (with fat)
  • Water - 1.5 l
  • Salt - 1.5 h. L.
  • Book sheet - 3 pieces.
  • Black pepper - 20 passers

Step by step cooking:

Step 1.

Meat is good mine under the running nozzle and then apply a piece of 3 cm.

Step 2.

Move all the pieces in the multivarka bowl, place the bay leaf and spices on top of the peas. Nallem first extinguishes 800 ml of water. We put the bowl of meat in the device, close the lid and turn on the "Morning" mode by 3.5 hours (time is indicated for a multicooker with a power of 800 W.

Step 3.

When the program finishes its work, the remaining water is such that the meat is completely covered with water and again turn on the "morning" mode at 3.5 hours.

How to make a beef stew in banks

Step 4.

On completion - decompose the meat in clean sterilized banks, pour the broth and roll the lids. In reverse, let's let the banks cool down.

Good Appetite!

In the following dream, invite in the basement or refrigerator from 6 months to a year. You can also choose the option - send to the balcony (if it is not glazed). In severe frosts, jars of stew must be covered with a warm blanket.

Video on how to cook a stew in a Redmond multicooker

I suggest watching a video recipe for a delicious home pot in banks in a Redmond RMC-PM380 multicooker.

Stew in the pressure cooker at home

In the pressure cooker, stew can be made on the same principle as in a multicooker, by long-term tomturation 2 hours, but the waiting time increases - the time can be completely cooled and averages 10-12 hours.

The ingredients are the same as in the first recipe, so you can get straight to the process to make a pressure cooker stew at home.

Step-by-step recipe for beef stew in the pressure cooker (in banks)

  1. We prepare meat as in the previous recipe - mine, cut by 3 cm. Space and pepper, put the bay leaf and mix.
  2. Fill the sterilized banks with meat on the shoulders. You don't have to be tight, just leave the slits between the pieces. We turn the cans with screw caps.
  3. At the bottom of the pressure cooker we put a soft tissue, for example, a kitchen towel, folded in 3-4 layers. We put glasses on it and the water so that its level comes from the cans of cans. Close the pressure cooker and draw a strong fire. Once the water boils, put on the minimum fire and let it boil for 2 hours.
  4. After the specified time, we turn off the pressure cooker and leave another meat for 8-10 hours without opening the lid.
  5. We cover the cans with sterilized covers and roll the finished stew. Opening a hatchet of home blanks, serve with any side dish for lunch to decorate greens.

Good Appetite!

Video recipe for cooking home stew in the pressure cooker

Also see the video on how to cook the beef home stew in the pressure cooker.