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Fraport is taking off with mobile indoor navigation and a shopping platform.

of Christian Bach on December 09, 2015 in News

Aim, high-flyer: The airport operator Fraport is now offering indoor navigation across all media so that the millions of passengers do not get lost at Frankfurt Airport and also make their way to the duty-free shops. The new navigation aid is available via the revised iOS and Android app and via touchscreens in the airport. Fraport is working with the Bavarian software developer Infsoft for the WiFi-based solution. Users can now use their smartphone to navigate to one of the 500 shops or the gates in the airport. "The coverage is limited to certain areas in which the passengers are - a total of over 750,000 square meters and 30 kilometers of travel were digitized," says Marketing Manager Eva Gaudlitz from Infsoft to Location Insider.

Passengers can have a look around the airport in advance via the official website and plan their visit from their living room at home or while on the move. “When you arrive at the terminal, you can use large touchscreens and, for example, transfer a navigation route via QR code to your smartphone with the app. All stored data is available on all devices via a personal login, ”explains Gaudlitz. This allows users to save locations, routes and flights on different devices. However, navigation has one disadvantage: users can be guided to a store. “There is currently no further navigation in the store. In principle, however, it is possible to navigate at shelf level, for example to find a specific product, ”says Gaudlitz.

New shopping platform in the updated app

The new app offers more than “just” indoor navigation. Because Fraport has also launched a new shopping platform with a Click & Collect service. “This online shop is also integrated into the app,” says Gaudlitz from Infsoft. This means that customers can order 15,000 products while on the move and pick them up at the airport shortly before their departure. “There is no surcharge on top of the regular product price, which corresponds to the sales price in the shop,” Fraport spokesman Christopher Holschier explains to Location Insider. As customers get used to same day delivery, they can pick up the products on the same day. “The goal for collection in the shop and later also for delivery to the gate or to so-called pick-up points is less than 30 minutes. Home delivery will not initially include a same-day delivery option when it is introduced, but this is planned for further development stages, ”says Holschier.

For the new shopping platform, the airport operator is working with the duty-free shop “Gebr. Heinemann ”, the delicatessen retailer“ Caviar House & Prunier ”and the electronics stores“ Fotec ”and“ Photair ”. More dealers are to follow in the coming months. “We publish the respective partners when their products are posted on the shopping platform,” says Holschier. Home delivery should also be possible next year.

Chinese passengers at Frankfurt Airport have been able to use the Alipay app to pay for their purchases directly on their smartphones since October. Alipay belongs to the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba and already has 400 million users in China. But, according to Fraport, things shouldn't stop with mobile payment, indoor navigation and a shopping platform: "We use all the technical options that are designed to be able to offer our passengers transparent and targeted information and services," says Holschier, specifying something: "This includes both technical solutions such as beacons and personal support from our 'Personal Shopper', as well as a consulting service that we want to expand further."

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