We all have inherent telepathic skills

People have always wanted and dreamed of mastering them superpowerhow to read the minds of those around them. For example, the gladiator, who very often took part in fatal duels, gave a lot to read the mind of his opponent. Or the generals, who have always tried in various ways to predict when and from where they can expect an attack by the enemy, would very much like to have the opportunity to find out the officers' thoughts on the plan of attack. It is impossible not to mention a woman here who is constantly jealous of all her husband! Who else, if not her, thinks and dreams so often of always knowing what "matters" keep her husband after a day's work!

Probably, each of us has repeatedly noticed some manifestations of the ability to self telepathy... For example, as soon as you lift the handset or have just thought about calling someone, that person will call you in the same moment or in a few minutes. Or you called someone and they say that they only remembered you.

It also happens when you are thinking of where to go tonight and then all of a sudden, right after your thoughts, your friend or the person you wanted to go with calls you and yourself to go to a nice place that you remembered yourself ... Or you think, for example, that you have not received any presents in a long time - and on the same day you receive something pleasant from someone. Or when you're talking to someone and they suddenly say they just wanted to say the same thing.

telepathy is an energy exchange of information that can first be learned by understanding that each of the thoughts that arise in a person's head becomes an energy flow and thus part of the information field of our earth. True telepaths are those people who can easily tune in to receive energy information signals and turn them into words. They receive these signals with the help of Prana - the energy of the information field of the earth that they feel within themselves.

Development of telepathy

Today telepathy is a scientifically proven phenomenon. The systematic study of telepathy began in England as early as 1882. As early as the middle of the 20th century, the popular press was often discussing a topic such as "paranormal phenomena"; and the most common method of testing telepathic skills at the time were Zener cards - cards with five repeating patterns (a circle, a cross, three wavy lines, a square, and a five-pointed star) created in the 1930s by the English psychologist Karl Zener specifically for The purpose of study was invented and suggested human abilities (its paranormal forms of perception).

With regard to the scientific study of telepathy, it should be noted that the phenomenon has been studied in scientific circles, in particular Vladimir Bekhterev was involved in a lecture study on this human superpower - his famous book “Hypnosis. Suggestion. Telepathy. "; And also very often laboratory studies were carried out by acting clairvoyants at the time, for example Ninel Kulagina.

Among the famous scientists, K.Sh Azimi also argued on this subject, who published several books on telepathy, the most famous of which is "Telepathy Self-Tutorial", and G. Paraclet, his most famous book is "Telepathy", and V. Brass - an autobiographer's book "I'm a Telepathic".

There is nothing strange about how telepathic skills can be developed today, as there is a very large amount of literature on the subject.

word telepathy happened from two Greek words: tele, which means distance, and pathos, feeling. Telepathy is a parapsychological phenomenon due to which it is possible to transmit thoughts and feelings remotely. Thus it is possible to influence not only living but also non-living objects without technical means. That is, with the help of telepathy you can read other people's thoughts, know their intentions, and telepathically convey their thoughts and feelings to people or animals. In addition, they accept these thoughts or feelings as their own.

telepathy exists in two forms: sensory and mental.

With sensory telepathy in the nervous system of an object under the influence, the feelings, emotions and sensations of a person who telepathically influences it are restored. The highest degree of such telepathy is the creation of sensory sensations. In the initial stages, this type of telepathy is seldom conscious, but when sensory sensations are already occurring, a person realizes that this is one of those phenomena that come from the outside.

When mental telepathy In the nervous system of a person who is under telepathic influence, such processes are simulated that lead to the creation of acoustic and visual sensations in the consciousness.

Most people believe that the ability to read other people's minds is a rare gift. Special skills are only given to a few people. And many do not even suspect that the ability to telepathy is genetically inherent in every person, and with great desire it can be developed. "But how?" - you ask. To do this, you need to do certain exercises and you will learn how to do them correctly now.


1) First you need to relax and get rid of strange thoughts, sit down more comfortably and, when you close your eyes and think of nothing, see a black background. It is impossible to get the result you want the first time. You must therefore be very patient and keep your body completely calm and relaxed.

After you've mastered the first exercise, you need to find a partner who will allow you to read their mind. It is much better if your partner wants to participate in the development of telepathic skills in himself as well, and then ends up getting along without words while exchanging roles in the sessions.

2) The second exercise is to pull yourself back with your partner, sit comfortably, preferably facing each other, adopt the same posture, relax and breathe evenly and calmly at the same time. First of all, you need to agree with your partner so that in response to your signal he will clearly present each geometric figure - a cross, a circle, a square, and try to keep them in his mind for longer than longer. Then comes the most important moment when you have to close your eyes, chase away all superfluous thoughts and try to see a black background. If you did that, great. Then, after giving your partner a conventional sign, try to see exactly the geometric figure he is imagining.

For the next session, ask him to think of a number or letter. After that, you can move on to more complex images. And if you don't succeed right away, don't despair at all. This ability doesn't work for everyone at once. You should also always remember that you cannot do more than three attempts in a session and that there should be a break of at least 15 minutes between attempts.

3) Now start with the third exercise and agree on the exact time for this exercise with your partner. Then try to establish telepathic contact with your partner at a great distance. Sit back and do your best to portray your partner as accurately as possible (their clothes, face and surroundings in the moment). You will have no problem with this exercise if you have successfully mastered the first and second exercises, and now you can read your partner's mind from a distance.

4) The fourth exercise is that this time you need to make mental contact with your partner at will (i.e. you don't have to agree on the timing in advance). Here, too, you need to imagine as clearly as possible what your partner is doing, what he is wearing and what position his body is in. Then immediately write down the thoughts that you can count and check the result when you meet.

How to learn

You can learn telepathy through successful training.

If you want good results, you need to do it for around 15 to 20 minutes every day. Then, in a couple of weeks, you will see results.

To read a person's mind, after immersing himself in that person's psi awareness and imagination, you can do the following: Say (mentally) to yourself: "I accept his mental impulses with my parietal chakra and hear everything he is about now thinks." Then focus on receiving the thoughts and you will hear them as words.

To convey thoughts, after immersing yourself in psi awareness, look at the photo to the right person for 2-3 minutes. Focus on it, close your eyes, and imagine it realistically. Then mentally say the words you want to convey. For an effective result, you need to exercise like this for 15-40 minutes 3 to 7 times a day.

For sending positive thoughts telepathically, it is very important that those thoughts have a clear positive purpose and purpose. Only under this condition do they lead to a positive desired effect by achieving your goal.

Information can also be obtained from various objects. For example, the famous clairvoyant Wanga often uses an effective method: you need to pick up the object you need, send in a stream of energy, and return it; In this way, various images will appear in your consciousness, giving you all the information gathered about this topic.

As already mentioned, everyone has the ability to telepathy, but not everyone can and can consciously perceive and transmit information. You need complete self-control, this is one of the most important factors in being a telepathist.
Anyone who really wants to learn how to properly use their telepathic skills must first develop their attention and patience in order to successfully capture the necessary information and then, as mentioned earlier, find a partner to work in pairs and gradually improve their super skills .

You can develop your telepathic skills anywhere, even using public transportation. You can feel who is leaving now and who is leaving, and you can read a person not only their thoughts but also their immediate plans or intentions.

In conclusion, I would like to add important information: so that the telepathic influences you exert do not harm you or other people, you must strictly adhere to all the rules of telepathic influence, since the amazing law of communication (which is called the causal relationship) always works in the cosmos. If you break this, you will face unpredictable unpleasant consequences. Therefore, always be very careful when using telepathic powers.

Telepathic rules:

You can only use your telepathy skills with good intentions. If you use them to the detriment of people, it will lead to the suffering of both the telepathist himself and the person he is affecting.

For a person using their telepathic skills, the accumulation of prana - the energy necessary for telepathic communication - is a compulsory skill. You need to accumulate it in a fairly large amount.

You must be healthy physically and mentally.

You have to be positive in life and also believe that everything is fine in this world and if something bad happens it won't be long.

You need to be able to find your way around in different living circumstances or conditions. It is necessary to be able to fully relax and relieve tension in your body, as well as to be properly focused, directing energy and sending energy to specific parts of the body or the external environment.

All you need to do is exercise in complete silence in a semi-dark room to avoid any distractions. Most of the best time for telepathic influence is early in the morning (3:45 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.) or late in the evening (11:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.).

For telepathic exercises, your body should be in a stable position and your back should be straight. It is also very important that the body and muscles are completely relaxed. It is also very important to completely relax and end the dialogue with yourself within yourself.

It is also very important to remember:

- about the mandatory possession of self-control, because telepathic skills under the influence of random emotions can negatively affect others;

- that developing telepathic skills is not the safest occupation. A person who has been able to reveal their energy potential bears a great responsibility for using it. It is not safe to use telepathic practices for selfish purposes.

Following all of these rules will surely bring you success in developing your telepathic skills!

There are no similar countries.

Telepathy (telepathic skills) is mind reading and transmission of thoughts from a distance. Recent scientific discoveries have shown that telepathic dialogue is 100% real. It is based on telepathic signals transmitted from the brain! How can you develop this superpower and learn telepathy? In this section of the X-Archives website you will find rare secrets of telepathy. Using these secret techniques, it is possible to teach telepathy in a short time! Master the real telepathic connection and master the telepathic contact! There are certain telepathic techniques that you can use to learn how to read other people's thoughts and transmit your thoughts to any distance and whoever you are sending them to will hear you right away! The most effective techniques for developing telepathy and telepathic hypnosis can be found in this section. Telepathic influence (telehypnosis) is a very powerful way of remote suggestion! You can use this secret art to build relationships and secretly make another person fall in love with you (love telepathy). Imagine the incredible possibilities this amazing ability opens up for you!

Telepathy is the reading of another person's mind, and those with similar skills (both sending and receiving signals) are commonly referred to as telepaths. In most cases, a person who is able to be telepathic remotely can both send to the recipient and receive signals from the donor. In some cases, people with the gift of telepathy are subject to either "receiving" or "transmitting" information.

Is there telepathy between people and how does it manifest itself?

Whether there is telepathy between people can be assessed on the basis of a series of experiments carried out on board the American nuclear submarine Nautilus in 1959. One of the participants in the experiment inspired another participant of the submarine from the bank twice a day, one of five possible figures (circle, square, cross, star, wavy lines). A special device automatically ejected a card with a picture of one of the characters, which was then mentally transferred. At the same time, the test participant, who was in the hermetically sealed hull of the submarine, received signals and recorded them. These experiments lasted 16 days with perfect control of the participants and resulted in 70% correct answers. According to the theory of probability, about 20% of the correct answers can be expected.

It is believed that at least two people are involved in telepathic communication. The first is the sending agent, instructor, or telepathic information giver. The second person participating in telepathic contact is the recipient (receiver) or perceiver. Telepathic communication of people can be both one-way and two-way.

How is telepathy manifested and how is telepathic information transmitted? This happens on several levels. On the one hand, it is an indefinite fear of nature that is not directed at a specific object. The second level of telepathic signals is an emotional impulse directed at a particular person, accompanied by a feeling, a premonition like "something is about to happen". On the third level, information is given on events that affect a specific person. These events are mostly symbolic.The next, fourth level is characterized by the perception of more or less events, images and actions. Sometimes the perceived image gradually emerges in the recipient's ideas.

It is argued that the transmission from the inductor (sending) cannot proceed normally if the recipient is emotionally indifferent to him. The best inducers are men who are voluntary and active. Conversely, women are good perceptions.

Deaf and dumb people with the gift of telepathy

The fact of telepathic communication between people at close range is very interesting, told about the M.A.Kuni:

“If we imagine that one person can feel another person's gaze directed towards them, then it seems to me that the most suitable people to conduct experiments are people who are deaf and dumb. For better observation I went to Gelendzhik, where there is a sanatorium for the deaf and dumb. During the flight from Sochi there were three deaf and mute people in the helicopter with me. Two men sat in front of me and a woman was next to me at the end of the helicopter. As soon as one of the men seated in front of us turned in our direction, the woman (she was reading the book) immediately raised her head. And vice versa: as soon as the woman, with the clear intention of saying something, looked up from the book when those in front were seated, one or the other turned to her.

The observations made at Gelendzhik also suggest that the deaf and dumb (and therefore all humans, only to a lesser extent) have the ability to sense a look, or rather a signal, from another person. "

All of this can of course be traced back to coincidences. But aren't there a lot of coincidences? If we talk about everyday manifestations of telepathy, then there are millions and millions of them. And there are not so few others when telepathic communication manifests itself at some distance. Famous French scientist and talented science popularizer K. Flammarion, who is interested in the phenomena of telepathic communication, wrote down more than a thousand testimonies about such phenomena. Can all of these stories be dismissed as "inventions of idle people"?

Is telepathy and telepathic communication between people possible?

The American writer Upton Sinclair wrote novels in his youth about the situation of workers in the United States: "The Jungle", "The Coal King", "Jimmy Higgins". But few know that the same writer published a book on Whether Telepathy Is Possible in 1930 in which he talked about his experiments (these facts were later verified by the psychologist Prince).

One evening the writer and his wife were at home. The husband read the book and his wife Mary moved her pencil almost mechanically over the paper in her mind. On closer inspection, she saw that she had painted flowers. She immediately asked her husband, "What have you read about now?" "About flowers," he replied.

This coincidence interested the Sinclairs so much that they decided to conduct a series of special experiments to mentally suggest drawings from a distance. Several people took part in the experiments. "Thoughts" or rather mental images were transmitted from one room to another and also over a distance of 30 miles. She accepted Mary's suggestion. At the same allotted time, one of the participants drew a simple drawing: a chair, scissors, a star, etc., and then thought about the drawing. Mary tried to catch these thoughts and drew what came into her head.

What happened? Telepathy between people at a distance has been successful in several cases (nowhere near all). For example, Mary drew a chair and a star as suggested. According to her, she put herself "on the edge of sleep" before starting the experiments. The proposed drawing appeared to her in the form of a visual image.

And what else turned out: your ability to "guess" drawings from a distance soon weakened and then completely disappeared.

Here is an example. The instructor picks up a glass of hot tea, the sleeping people, when asked what they are feeling more or less, stuck in one way or another - warmth. But as soon as the trainer burns his finger with a match or pricks himself with a needle and gets a strong pain sensation, the sleeping (15-20 people) almost all scream at the same time, without waiting for a question, like in pain.

Many similar experiments have been conducted on communication through telepathy from which we can conclude that one person (under certain favorable circumstances) can get fairly clear information from another person by remotely transmitting thoughts or emotions.

Telepathy as a superpower: telepathic signals and contacts

Here's another fact from history that suggests that telepathy is a superpower and is inherent in people of different ages. The English physicist Barrett, a student of Faraday, carried out such experiments. The girl was blindfolded. Barrett stood behind her so she couldn't see him in any way. Then he put various substances in his mouth and mentally inspired the girl to his feelings, that is, he sent telepathic signals. When he poured in a few grains of salt, the girl spat out saliva. The hypnotist ate sugar, this spiritually inspired the girl and she said that she ate sugar.

However, the most striking thing about the study of human telepathic abilities was the candle experience. Barrett, still invisible to the patient, lit a candle and touched the flame. The girl shouted: "Burn!"

The American Douglas Dean of New York College tracked the effect of various names spoken out loud on changes in blood pressure. Then he uttered these names mixed with others (but mentally) for the same person. It turned out that they affect blood pressure just as much as spoken out loud!

These experiments on telepathic contact convincingly show that there are mental suggestions.

Receiving telepathy can be done without much mental suggestion ... The power of telepathy is so high that a person just thinks and transmits it. The author of the article "Telepathy and Mental Defectivity", Professor of Philosophy de Ti, describes in detail his observations made by his mentally disabled brother Robert. By the age of 47, he had the mental development of an 18-month-old child, was unable to speak coherently, and spoke very few words using language-bound language. However, he uttered words and scientific terms completely unknown to him, with astonishing speed and accuracy (without distortion), when, for some reason, they were born in the mind of one of those present. Once, de Ti was walking with Robert through Paris into a narrow street that was unknown to her, and then led them to a large square. She saw a van parked in the square that said "Galeries Lafayette". As soon as de Ti read this inscription, Robert, who could not read, exclaimed: "Galeries Lafayette!"

It should be added that Robert always went with a guide - his father or sister. De Ti notes that this incident could not have been accidental because the vocabulary that Robert could pronounce was very limited and was known to family members. Robert had never said the words "gallery", let alone "Lafayette" and could not have known them.

Telepathic influence on distance and photo telepathy

For more than a dozen years, various countries have been and are being carried out experiments on the telepathic transmission of thoughts and images. To find out if telepathy exists, scientists are recruiting a wide variety of people - with healthy and sick psyche - to test their telepathic skills. The researcher mentally inspires the perceiver - the "receiver" - to perform this or that simple action, to recognize the proposed thing, etc. The success of the experiment is determined by the percentage of guesses: the higher it is, the more convincing the evidence for the existence of a telepathic connection.

Many researchers used Zener cards to study telepathic effects, which represent one of five figures: a square, a circle, a cross, a star, and three wavy lines. The experiment is carried out as follows. The inspiring person looks at one of the cards and tries to mentally inspire the perceiver with which figure he is currently looking. The person - "receiver" - is in another place (in another room) and at a certain time - it is set in advance - about every three minutes from the moment the experiment begins, all he thinks about is cards until a ghost appears in his mind's eye during hallucinations, the card the "sender" is now thinking about. The results of the presumption are immediately recorded in the presence of witnesses.

When using Zener cards, the probability of guessing with a large number of samples is 1/5 because they have five different numbers, i.e. 20%. This conclusion follows from mathematical probability theory. And what do experiments show? It turned out that some researchers from different countries got such a high estimate that there is no doubt about the existence of a telepathic connection. Several times, the subjects correctly guessed all 25 cards in the series (albeit with a large number of attempts).

For other researchers, however, the same experiments investigating telepathic abilities mostly produced negative results. And even one and the same recipient could show his ability to take mental images today, and the next day the experiments gave completely negative results. Like a substitute for a person!

This feature, which is extremely important for studying telepathic effects from a distance, must be taken into account when looking for a particularly favorable environment during the experiment. "In experimental telepathy," notes L. Sukharevsky, Doctor of Medical Sciences, "there are no mechanisms of mobilization such as danger and the need for urgent assistance." The subjects' emotional sphere during the experiment is not exposed to the correct intensity. Therefore, it is difficult for the inductor to direct a telepathic force like self-arising telepathy, and it is difficult for the perceiver to accept it. "

Almost everyone who has been tested on their telepathic skills claims that success depends on the person's mood, self-confidence, and preparation for the experience.

And one more thing: The telepathic connection between the “sender” and the “receiver” can be established more easily if the transmitted image is emotionally colored, if both are not indifferent. Wolf Messing wrote that before each of his performances he only thought of himself and withdrew for several hours.

Some scientists explain telepathic connections to the fact that we are confronted with a person's atavistic ability to perceive an important signal from a distance. In the course of the formation of human society, ape-men really needed these kinds of signals - they not only replaced language in some cases, but also helped individual members of the species in moments of danger. As they move away from their tribal members, they may mentally call for help or even perceive a telepathic (telepathic signal) of perceiving danger.

With the development of language and the improvement of tools and protection, telepathic communication between people has not become as necessary as it was before. She went to the reserve of the body. Hence, a person's telepathic abilities only manifest themselves in special, extraordinary circumstances and not in normal times.

This hypothesis agrees well with the fact that the ability to telepathy is usually more pronounced in people with a disturbed, traumatized psyche with some of their illnesses. In these cases, long-forgotten characteristics and properties are often found in humans.

Telepathy can be graphically represented in these photos:

Gift of telepathy in animals

Many facts have been recorded when, in the event of a trauma to the psyche, unusual abilities are revealed in a person, he remembers something that has long been forgotten, etc. And if the mechanism of telepathy in a person is more or less clear, then the phenomenon is of telepathy in animals not fully understood. It is known that in large herds of herbivores living under constant threat from predators, the sense of "danger" is highly developed. It is immediately broadcast to all animals in the herd as soon as their leader expresses the slightest alarm. This is observed in antelopes, for example.

The known facts associated with pets make us ponder the mystery of the gift of telepathy. Who does not know that dogs and pigeons can find their home even if they are brought "far away" in a closed box. In such cases it is usually explained that animals find their way back, most likely guided by the direction of the forces of Earth's magnetism. Nobody really knows how this happens. But the main thing here is different: both dogs and pigeons do not return to their house, but to their owner. It is known that a teenager fell sick the day the experiment was carried out on his pigeon. The bird was taken away a hundred kilometers away and the man was immediately taken to the city hospital. And the pigeon did not fly home, but to the hospital, and there she quickly found the window of the ward where his little master was!

Two dozen such experiments were carried out on dogs in France. Hundreds of kilometers away, these animals were invariably returned, and each of them returned to its owner, who changed his address during the experiment and moved to a different house, to a different place!

Isn't it worth thinking here before easily rejecting the idea of ​​a biological connection between living things?

Teaching telepathy is a tedious process. It takes a lot of inner energy and time.

What is telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to remotely transmit and perceive thoughts, feelings and images. Thanks to this ability, it is possible to exchange information between a person and the surrounding worlds at the level of biofields.

In order to learn telepathy, it is first necessary to take seriously the exercises that promote concentration and entry into a trance until the subject merges with the object.

You need to exercise, empty your mind, and achieve absolute peace in your mind.

The next step is to learn how to recognize and analyze various phenomena and physical sensations.

After acquiring the basic skills, the student begins a joint training with the teacher. In these courses he learns to prevent intrusion into his own consciousness and to carry out the specific tasks of his mentor.

The term "telepathy" comes from two Greek words "tele" - distance and "patos" - feeling and means the perception of thoughts and feelings without direct contact with the source, ie from a distance.

Telepathy was first talked about thanks to Frederick Myers, founder of the British Society for Psychical Research. However, this ability got its name after experiments on the transmission of thoughts without contact with the perceiving object.

Types of telepathy

Specialists in the field of telepathy distinguish three main types:

  • Instinctive telepathy, based on energetic impulses that can come from one body to another and impress it. The shocks are ethereal and emanate from the solar plexus area, which is in contact with the senses.
  • Mental telepathy, which is an expression of spiritual abilities. The ability for this type of telepathy occurs mainly in educated people as it mainly affects the throat center. Often there cannot be a positive connection between the instinctive and mental telepaths, as one gives thoughts and feelings to the throat center and the other etherically accepts them.
  • Intuitive telepathy is one of the real fruits of meditation. These types of telepaths have a head, a neck, and three centers that are activated during the process.

Hypnotic telepathy

Telepathy is often compared to a hypnotic gift. The hypnotist influencing the object subordinates it to his power. This influence has a lot to do with hypnotic telepathy.

However, during such telepathy, the impact on the centers of the object is carried out absolutely silently, and the object itself is completely unaware of it.
Hypnotic telepathy is based on the fact that the human brain can transmit thoughts, emotions and feelings from a source that the recipient does not even know through the technique of mental suggestion. It is used in a variety of fields, such as commerce, education, and medicine.

Telepathy in Science

Scientists around the world have long pondered the nature of telepathic phenomena. To date, a number of experiments are carried out, the results of which would reveal the secret of the transfer of thoughts from one object to another without direct contact.

A few years ago, scientists managed to conduct an experiment on telepathy with the participation of physiologists. This experience was based on stimulating the transmission of neural impulses in the cerebral cortex.

One of the attempts was successful, and the subject was able to force the rat's tail to move with the power of thought.

Telepathy and energy exchange

A substance called prana flows in every person's body. Rather, it can be called the subtle energy of exchange with the environment.
As you know, energy manifests in different ways, that is, it has different forms of manifestation, for example a physical object or subtle knowledge. A person has the ability to perceive some known types of energy, the unknown bypasses him as they have a destructive effect.

  • By building up prana, a person develops and improves and attains the ability to telepathy. The more prana is developed, the more likely it is that it will develop and expand telepathic abilities.
  • Yoga has a positive effect on the growth of prana and allows you to train concentration and willpower.

Love telepathy

This type of telepathy is familiar to everyone, even if a person does not know the basics of clearing their own consciousness and entering a trance. The fact is, love works wonders by opening additional channels for information, thoughts, and emotions to come and go. And people in love have a certain connection to each other, so they have the same channels to share feelings and work together.

Telepathy between man and woman

The telepathy between a woman and a man comes very close to intuition. Scientists have long established that women are intuitively much more developed than men, and therefore women's telepathic abilities are much more pronounced.

Practical experience shows that a woman can often feel a man, regardless of his status. In addition, women are under the telepathic control of men, as their brains work much faster and perceive slow signals from the male brain as a receiver.

Sleep telepathy

Telepathy has always been associated with dreams. Researchers have shown that the sleep period is the most favorable for hypersensitive perception.

In the 1960s, research on telepathy during sleep was conducted in New York. The initiators were the psychiatrist Allman and the psychologist Krippner. And the results of the experiments confirmed the existence of telepathy: of the 14 test subjects, exactly half confirmed their telepathic abilities in deep sleep.

Telepathy and telekinesis

Telepathy is a phenomenon that has only been proven through a few small experiments. And telekinesis is a skill that definitely exists and is used by many people.

There have been many telekinesis experiments in which the participant was asked to move an object with sheer mental exertion. And he did it.

Some researchers argue that telekinesis is a direct relative of telepathy, as both phenomena are essentially an exchange of energy. In telekinesis, the release of energy moves an object, and in telepathy, with the same release of energy, you can remotely perceive, and sometimes even influence, the feelings of another object.

Telepathy and clairvoyance

Clairvoyance, like telepathy, really exists in the world and has been proven through many experiments. But clairvoyance is different from telepathy. First of all, the fact that within its framework it is possible to see both the past, the retrospective and the future, that is, the perspectives. Telepathy, in turn, aims to see only the present. With its help, you can find out the thoughts of the object in real time.

Clairvoyance is also not seen as a positive energy gift. Therefore, if possible, you shouldn't use it.

Telepathy, how to convey a thought

The transmission of a thought by means of telepathy is only possible through repeated experiments.

  • You can ask a friend or relative for help. It is recommended to transfer thoughts at the same time of day, but the evening is best for such sessions.
  • There should be no additional energies in the room, it is important to focus only on the transmission of thoughts. The trial partner should be asked to tune in for thoughts. To do this, he must take a comfortable position, relax and close his eyes.
  • The telepath, in turn, should try to clear his mind of unnecessary thoughts, go into a trance, and focus on what he wants to transmit.
  • Perhaps the experience will be unsuccessful at first. But the attempt should not be stopped. You can try again the next evening.

How do you develop telepathy?

How to learn telepathy with the help of a mentor was discussed at the very beginning of the article.

It is much more difficult to become a telepath yourself, but nothing is impossible for a person with a rich inner energy.

  • You should first learn how to feel. It is important to believe in yourself, to collect yourself and try to find the ability to telepathy within yourself. A simple exercise with geometric shapes is perfect for this.
  • On a piece of paper you need to draw a circle, square or star, close your eyes and try to imagine these figures floating above the paper.
  • It is important to enjoy the learning process and you can improve your practical skills on the way from work on the bus after the home exercises and guess the thoughts and future actions of the passengers.
  • When teaching telepathy, you need to constantly monitor your thoughts. This ability is the key to any telepath's success. The thoughts should be pure, then the training goes much faster.
  • It must be remembered that under no circumstances should telepathy be used in the name of evil!

Ratner telepathy courses

Modern esoteric and psychometric schools offer courses and training programs in telepathy and telekinesis. Sergei Ratner's school is no exception. Classes are held in group form so that the student can learn the skills that interest them as quickly as possible.


By studying and practicing telepathy, it is possible to establish contacts between people who speak different languages. This is really a great step forward in the interpersonal relationships of people of different countries and nationalities. Many similar examples have been described so far.