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What is the Phoenix Force?

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Today starts with Dark Phoenix a new story about the phoenix power in the cinema. In the comics, this elemental force has had a close connection with Jean Gray of the X-Men for decades. But other figures have also been seized by power at one point or another. We tell you everything you need to know.

Among the first five X-Men, Jean Gray was the only woman and initially the weakest figure. That's what Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum wanted with the edition X-Men # 101 to change. After a mission in space, she comes back with improved powers and is one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel-Universe. But this infinite power corrupts her, and she turns as Dark Phoenix against the X-Men around her lover Scott Summers alias Cyclops and his rival Wolverine.

Due to the success of the Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men # 129-137) the Phoenix power was picked up again and again even after Jean's death. So also in the recently published Return of Jean Gray. Most power stories include the red-haired telepath or a member of her family. In addition, she also causes a major conflict between Avengers and X-Men and previously had a love affair with Odin. We provide you with the appropriate background information from the comics so that you can have a say everywhere.

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The origins of cosmic power

When and how the Phoenix Force came about is not clear. But there is hardly anything that is older than them. As the power of rebirth, it represents both life and destruction. It is neither good nor bad, but mainly a source of change. Every standstill in the world is a reason for the phoenix to bring about change. The power has the possibility of creating or destroying everything imaginable, and it can connect with living beings who have the power to do so. Even if this power is in the hands of the host, the Phoenix power is to be seen as an independent being with its own drive.

The first known host of this force was an alien demon who took action against the lord of stasis who wanted to stop evolution. The Phoenix Force's first connection with a human host was with a female warrior who lived a million years ago. She was part of the first Avengers team and the mistress of Thor's father, Odin. The team of superheroes shot a Celestial together.

Rook’shir came from the alien people of the Shi’ar - a strong fighter who united with the Phoenix force and succumbed to its dark side. He destroyed large parts of the Shi’ar empire. Then the Imperial Guard was formed to stop him. In order to prevent this sinister force from causing further suffering and destruction, she made it her business to exterminate bloodlines that are compatible with the Phoenix force.

Jean Gray and Dark Phoenix

In the anniversary edition X-Men # 100 are the mutants in space when their spaceship threatens to crash. Only Jean Gray can use her telekinetic powers to hold the structure together so that her colleagues survive. She herself is apparently dead, but then she rises like a phoenix from the ashes. From now on she calls herself Phoenix and with her powerful telepathic and telekinetic skills she is becoming an increasingly important part of the team.

Soon after, a new opponent appeared on the stage with the Hellfire Club, run by mutants. The illusionist mastermind wants to become part of the inner circle of this circle. In order to impress the members, he chooses Jean Gray, whom he influences spiritually. With the help of the telepath Emma Frost, he makes her believe that she is Lady Gray - a woman who herself was part of the Hellfire Club in the 18th century under the title Black Queen. But the illusion leads to the fact that it is no longer under his rule, but is completely awakened.

The so unleashed Dark Phoenix fights himself against the X-Men and defeats them. Then it flies into space and consumes more and more power. In a frenzy, she destroys a sun and the nearest inhabited planet. She is exterminating a whole people. Back on earth, Jean Gray is able to free himself from the influence of the Phoenix force with the help of Professor X. But the Shi’ar who saw the death of the sun want Phoenix to die, and so the X-Men of the Imperial Guard have to face it. When they seem to be losing, Jean Gray chooses suicide as a just punishment.

Jean's heirs: Madelyn Pryor and Rachel Summers

Mister Sinister has long wanted to create a perfect mutant who could defeat Apocalypse. He sees Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Gray as the perfect gene carriers. So he creates a clone of Jean Gray called Madelyn Pryor. At first the experiment fails. At the moment of her ultimate victim, a spark of the Phoenix power leaps over from the dying Jean Gray in this very clone and brings Madelyn to life. She doesn't remember anything, but falls in love with Scott. The two get married and in an alternative future they will be the father of Cable, who later joins the X-Men as a time traveler. In the main timeline, however, Madelyn goes insane after realizing her true origins.

In another alternate timeline, Jean and Scott have a daughter named Rachel Summers. It's the future where the mutants will be chased to extinction by sentinels (large combat robots designed to fight mutants). Rachel, like her mother, has telepathic powers. After being brainwashed, she is forced to track down and hunt other mutants. After a successful rebellion, it can dissolve and prevent this very future through a journey of thought. The Phoenix Force is so impressed with what she has done that she sends Rachel back in time herself. She becomes part of the X-Men and later fully connects with the Phoenix force to take her inheritance.

During this time, Rachel Summers will be part of the Excalibur-Teams, the English offshoot of the X-Men, of which Captain Britain is a member. When he gets lost in the flow of time, Rachel swaps places with him. In doing so, the phoenix force breaks away from it. Through this process she becomes Mother Askani, who takes care of young Cable in the alternative future. Another version of her gets back into the regular timeline to live with her grandparents for a while. When the Shi’ar later raid a family reunion, they kill all of the Grays so that none of them can connect with the Phoenix power. Rachel survived, but got a large phoenix sign tattooed on her back.

A song of death and fire

Jean Gray has since been brought back by the authors. To this end, some events were retrospectively revised: The woman who sacrificed herself was only an image that the Phoenix power had created. The real mutant hid herself in a cocoon at the bottom of the sea. This is used by the Fantastic Four found, and so Jean joins various mutant teams again.

The returned redhead reconnects completely with the Phoenix power after a while. This can now be held back better. It is only released again when Wolverine and Jean find themselves in a hopeless situation. Both are about to plunge into the sun, and Logan decides to kill his red-haired lover so as not to have to endure her slowly dying in his arms. The Phoenix power thus freed at least saves him from certain death. Jean himself still makes it to earth, but then dies there in Scott's arms.

After a period of grief, Scott begins a relationship with Emma Frost, who has since become part of the X-Men. But when the Phoenix force reappears on earth, part of Jean is revived. The cosmic being has established such a deep connection with Jean that it now wants to be with Scott itself. But he has finished with the past and refuses to accept it. Emma offers herself as the new host, but this constellation does not work either. The conflict continues to come to a head, and Jean threatens to become the Dark Phoenix again. The situation can only be resolved when Emma uses her skills to combine Jean's consciousness with that of all other X-Men. So she sees the love that every X-Men feels for her and realizes that it is time for her to leave. Jean and the Phoenix Force retreat to an in-between world, and their companions on Earth think they are dead.

The Phoenix Force also has a strong connection with some young telepaths such as the Stepford siblings Esme, Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe and Sophie, and Quentin Quire. But these should only be mentioned briefly here.

The Phoenix Five and the conflict with the Avengers