What animal do Buffalo Wings come from

Buffalo wings

I am really so happy that we can finally present this recipe to you! Both of us, but especially me, are absolute chicken wings fans. For me there could be some every day. Especially hot wings or buffalo wings. It's not for everyone, but those of you who love spiciness must definitely try our wings.

Why Buffalo Wings of all places?

I'm starting right now, like Sophia from the Golden Girls ā€œSicily, 1912ā€¦ā€.

Buffalo, 1996 ... this was my first trip to New York State. I went on vacation to the United States for the first time with 4 friends. We made California and the states around it unsafe and then we really wanted to go to Chicago. This city was also a starting point for many short trips to Detroit, Milwaukee and the lakes. And one of them went via Buffalo, to Niagara Falls, to Toronto. However, the Hot Wings were not the reason for the trip back then.

We had all eaten chicken wings before, but I'm not so sure if we really knew the Buffalo Wings, which have their origins in Buffalo, in the north of New York State. Today I would say: Definitely! They have stuck in my head, at least since then, that when I got home I immediately tried to prepare some myself. And without wanting to praise me now, I and my friends who were on the tour really enjoyed them. They were probably not perfectly prepared, because back then - who can still imagine - there was no decent internet that could have helped me with the recipe.

I just knew that I needed a really hot chili sauce for it. Back then there was one on the market that is still there today. However, only in really small bottles. So I bought five of them. Stories like putting butter in the sauce or adding vinegar, that wasn't so clear to me and of course I didn't do it. But so be it. Today we are smarter and of course have done a lot of tests and researched a lot for our Hot Wings recipe.

Who invented it? Not the Swiss ..!

The Buffalo Wings are said to have been mentioned for the first time in 1964. In a small restaurant, the Anchor Bar, which still exists in Buffalo today, the Bellisimo family, who owned the restaurant, served them to their guests. There are three different stories about how it came about, even in the family. So I'm not starting to tell any of them today. However, if you want to find out about the versions of Theresa, her husband Frank or her son Dominic, you can just have a look here.

But before I get to our recipe, I have to admit that I didn't make it entirely original. On the one hand, I not only used the chicken wings, but also processed a few chicken legs. There is always a little more to it. In addition, the lower legs and the "upper arm" of the grand piano are both called drum sticks and they look very similar anyway. On the other hand, I didn't want to deep-fry the chicken parts, as it is done in the original, so I took our oven.

I hope that you like Buffalo Wings as much as we do, so that you can try our recipe, which is really quick and easy, for yourself right away.

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Buffalo wings

Recipe for juicy buffalo wings. If you like nice and hot, then this is exactly your dish. Perfect not only as an appetizer.
Preparation time 15min.
Servings 30 chicken pieces