Is spirituality a success factor


Mindfulness the success factor - what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness the success factor in our life is a complex characteristic in behavior, in the perception of oneself and one's surroundings. It always takes a pause, at least a brief lingering in the moment without being able to stop it, a certain peace and quiet. Mindfulness does not fall from the sky, but needs to be practiced regularly. Being mindful is simply being aware of WHAT IS NOW. This is an integral part of spiritual practice and of spirituality As a general rule.

Those who are mindful stay out of judgment and judgment. In mindfulness, it is possible to make a distinction, to check for consistency. You make your choice and everything else stays aside. This is also how you practice some form of awareness.

The following facets are expressions of mindfulness:

To be clear, to be unambiguous, to be intentional, to make decisions, to be in the here and now, to be able to discern, to be open, to be curious, to be aware of one's own inner state of feelings, body and spirit. Mindfulness the success factor in our life creates new perspectives and a happy life!

They think that is quite demanding. Well - here you will find numerous suggestions that will help you step by step to be a little more careful every day. With yourself, with your loved ones, with animals, if you have them, with your friends, with your work colleagues, with your environment.

There is no such thing as too much mindfulness. And - there is always something new to learn, because mindfulness, like the soul, is a vast land. Read the various articles on this key topic of our time - concrete, simple and realizable.

A.o. Honorary Professor Dr.habil. Dr. Andrea Riemer, Ph.D. for Spirit Online

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