Can boys make better friends than girls

Boys, how do you do with your boyfriends?

It's about your boyfriends and our girlfriends. I think they work differently. For me it is like this: I have a small group of friends that I have had for many years. I get on really well with them, we meet often, go out together, talk a lot and generally do the things that friends do with each other. Even though we've known each other for so long, these friendships only work within a certain - non-negotiable - framework. There are rules that we have to adhere to, otherwise the friendship is over quickly, but at least there is quickly anger that won't go away so quickly. Rule number one: Get in touch at least once a week. Rule number two: Meet at least every two weeks. Rules number three to ten: Don't talk to one about politics, the other about her boyfriend. Original gifts are expected for birthdays and Christmas and don't forget an appointment like this. If one friend is in a relationship but the other is not, the single friend generally has the right to react in a bad mood when the relationship friend talks about her boyfriend. Of course, our friendship can endure a bit, but the scope is not as big as one would think. I like these friends and I want to keep them, so I stick to the rules. And also get very sloppy if my friends don't stick to it. Because I know that girl friendships are pretty fragile and can go away quickly. Sometimes it was because one of them suddenly had a boyfriend and I was written off (and very, very pissed off). Sometimes because we started out much too euphoric and only realized after a while that we weren't that soulmate - and let a conflict arise out of it. Another time I fell out with a friend over some nonsense I don't even remember that we don't even say hello when we happen to meet. I can't stand this! I hate how difficult my girl friendships are and I'm so jealous of your boyfriends. They seem so much more relaxed to me. At least from the outside. Somehow it seems like you've picked up a few fellow players in the sandpit and you've been friends ever since - no matter what happens and no matter how much your interests have diverged in the past few years. Everything seems to be so effortless and awkward with you. I want this too! I also want a recipe for relaxed friendships and casual interaction. Does it work? Or does it just look so great on the outside? You can read the guys answer on the next page

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