When are you ready to get married 1

5 signs you're ready for marriage

1. Fiancé

So, the first, and probably most important, sign that you are ready for marriage is when you are boyfriend or fiancé. If you don't have that, then there will probably be nothing in the near future with getting married. ;-)

2. You feel happy with him

You can tell him anything? Do you trust him? He makes you happy and you just feel better with him than without him? Then this is a really good prerequisite for something long-term, or for a marriage.

3. No desire to have sex with another

The sex is good, but have I really experienced it all? When you have this thought, getting married will be difficult. Because if you are really ready to tie the knot with someone, you generally have no desire to have sex with other men.

4. Acting out enough?

Are you really sure that you only want to go through life with him by your side? Then this is really a good reason to get married. Do you love each other, you have experienced a lot and now you want to experience a lot more together? Then GO FOR IT!

5. children? Yes, please!

Can you imagine growing old with him and possibly having children too? Not immediately, maybe immediately, but definitely at some point? Then he is the right one. Because when we think about which men we had something with, then you usually don't really get the feeling with everyone or everyone that you want to start a family with them.