How does cloud accounting benefit accountants?


Practical knowledge of accounting is at the core of basic commercial knowledge. You benefit from this knowledge in a wide variety of areas in companies in all industries. Even if you do not work in accounting, in many processes you will come into contact with terms and activities that come from the area of ​​accounting. Therefore, a good understanding of accounts, postings and annual financial statements will help you understand relationships, understand developments and make well-founded decisions. You acquire an important additional qualification, which can be a decisive component in the further development of your career.

From double bookkeeping to annual financial statements

The course conveys the most important accounting topics to you in a compact form. Understand the double-entry bookkeeping system, learn how postings e.g. B. be formed in the areas of purchasing and sales and apply charts of accounts precisely. You will also learn how to prepare the annual financial statements. The computer-aided bookkeeping with the software "Lexware Buchhalter", which you receive in the course at no additional cost, is a direct reference to practice.

The course is aimed at you:

  • to acquire a basic knowledge of bookkeeping;
  • if you would like to better understand and master the activities related to accounting in your field of work.

Your learning material at a glance:


  • Inventory, inventory and balance
  • organization
  • Principles of proper accounting
  • Double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Posting to existing and success accounts
  • Operational performance process
  • Recording of private transactions

Bookkeeping in detail

  • Procurement and sales
  • Material and products
  • Payment transactions
  • staff
  • Taxes
  • Investments
  • requirements

Preparation of the annual financial statements

  • Creation of an operational overview
  • Valuation of inventories

Bookkeeping with the software Lexware Buchhalter

Subject to updates.

Your special advantages in this course:

Compact and practical knowledge of accounting.

Software included: In this course you will receive the accounting software "Lexware Buchhalter"

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What you get - study material and support:

You will receive 11 study books (printed and digital), working material for practical bookkeeping, the software "Lexware Buchhalter" and online access to the smartLearn® campus.

In your study folder you will also find tips and information on the process and organization of your course and your personal student ID.

Your correspondence teachers will be at your side throughout the course, answering your questions, correcting and evaluating your submitted assignments in writing.

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Requirements for participation in the course:


As Work equipment you need an up-to-date computer with internet access.

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Duration and start of studies:

You can start your studies at any time.

The standard duration of study for this course is 6 months. However, you are also welcome to take more time: We can extend your care time on request 12 months. That is the Time reserve of the Hamburg Academy - so you can graduate without any time pressure!

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Your degree:

As proof of your achievements, you will receive a certificate from the Hamburg Academy with the completion of the course.

How to save taxes:

According to current case law of the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH), the costs of any training and further education that serves professional purposes can be deducted as advertising costs or special expenses. So if the participation in the course "Accounting" If you have professional advantages, you can usually claim the tuition fees in your tax return. If in doubt, ask your tax office or tax advisor about your personal tax-saving options.

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State approval:

The course was checked by the State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) in Cologne and approved under the number 686814. This is your objective guarantee that the learning material is complete, technically impeccable and pedagogically prepared.

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Try it for free for 4 weeks!

Your registration is risk-free for you. Because 4 weeks after receiving your first study material you have time to check everything in peace - this is your test month. You can use the original study material at home to find out whether you like distance learning at the Hamburg Academy. In addition, you have unlimited access to all services and support from the Hamburg Academy and online access to the smartLearn® campus during the test month.

If you do not want to continue the distance learning, please inform us within the 4 weeks and send the study material back. The matter is then done for you and has not yet cost you a penny.

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