How do you use the that is called

When do I use too? and when do I use “zur” “zum” “zu” - learning German and German grammar

I go to Active language school ...

The preposition "zu" always has a dative case

For this reason we always use the article in the dative when we to the supermarket, to school, to the town hall or To the doctor walk.

Supermarkets have an article

Important is, that we always one items if we need the Name of a place, a specific supermarket or an institution to use!

So it says "the Sprachschule Aktiv ", as well as"the Post "or at the underground stations,"the Marienplatz", "the Stachus "and" the Münchner Freiheit ","the Deutsche Bank ".

Supermarkets are mostly male: "ALDI, dm, REWE, EDEKA."
(The reason is that it actually "the ALDI-Supermarket", Or"the dm-market" called.)

"We go to (to the)post and then to the (to the)ALDI.“

"I am in the (by doing)dm and look for shampoo. "

“She's going on the subway to the (to the) Stachus. But her friend is waiting at the (to the) Marienplatz."

With these tips, the next city tour can take place complete with the right articles!