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Welsh MPs fear being seen as 'idiots'.Some AMs are stunned by a proposal to change their title to MWPs (Members of the Welsh Parliament).It came up over plans to change the name of the assembly to the Welsh Parliament.Members of all parties in the National Assembly are concerned that doing so could expose them to ridicule.One Labor MP said his group was concerned that it "rhymes with Twp and Pwp".For readers outside Wales: In Welsh, twp means crazy and pwp means shit.One plaid MP said the group as a whole was "not happy" and had suggested alternatives.One Welsh Conservative said his group was "open-minded" about the name change, but added that it was a small verbal leap from "MWP" to "Muppet".Here, the pronunciation of the Welsh letter w is similar to that of the letter u in the English Yorkshire dialect.The Assembly Commission, which is currently working on a bill to introduce the name changes, said: "The final decision on how the assembly members should ultimately be called, of course, is incumbent on the members themselves."The Government of Wales Act 2017 gave the Welsh Parliament the option to change its name.The results of a public consultation on the proposed names published by the Commission in June show that the name Welsh Parliament has met with strong approval.The Commission gave preference to the name “Welsh Parliament Member” or “WMP” as the title of Assembly Members, but “MWP” was the preferred choice for a public deliberation.Members of the Welsh Parliament appear to be suggesting alternative options, but the struggle to reach consensus could be a headache for Chairman Elin JONES. She is expected to present a bill for these changes in the next few weeks.The reform legislation includes other changes to the way the board works, including rules on the exclusion of AM and the organization of the committee system.When discussing the law, the members of the National Assembly have the opportunity to define their own designation.Macedonians are holding a referendum to change the country's name.The vote on the official renaming of the country to "Republic of North Macedonia" will take place on Sunday.The goal of the referendum is to settle a decades-long dispute with the Greek neighbor, which has its own province called Macedonia.For a long time Athens insisted on the claim that the name of its neighbor to the north constituted a claim on Greek territory and repeatedly rejected its applications for EU and NATO membership.Gjorge Ivanov, President of Macedonia and against the referendum on the name change, said he would ignore the vote.Proponents of the referendum, including Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, pragmatically see the renaming as the price to pay for membership in the EU and NATO.St. Martin's bells are no longer ringing because a battle of the churches is going on in Harlem"" "Historically, the old people I spoke to said there was a bar and church on every corner," "said Mr. Adams.""Today there is neither."He said the disappearance of bars was understandable.Nowadays, "people interact differently," he said."Bars are no longer neighborhood living rooms where people go regularly."With regard to churches, he worries that the proceeds from the sale of assets will not take as long as leaders expect it to be, and "it is only a matter of time before you have to start over."Churches could be replaced with condominium apartment buildings filled with the kind of people who will not help the neighborhood's remaining sanctuaries.“The people who buy condominiums in these condominiums will be mostly white,” he said, “and the day the churches will definitely close, because most of the future residents of these condominiums will probably not move into them later Enter churches. "Both churches were built by white congregations before Harlem became a black metropolis in 1870 - metropolitan community, St. Martin's a decade later.The original White Methodist Church moved out in the 1930s.A black community practicing a religion nearby purchased the building.St. Martin was taken over by a black community led by Reverent John Howard Johnson, who led a boycott of retailers on 125th Street, a major Harlem shopping street that refused to hire or promote blacks.The building was badly damaged in a fire in 1939, but Father Johnson's parishioners made plans for rebuilding and commissioned the carillon."Rev. David Johnson, son of Father Johnson and successor at St. Martin's, proudly called the carillon" the bells of the poor. "" "The specialist who played the carillon in July chose different words. He spoke of “a cultural treasure” and “an irreplaceable historical instrument”.Tiffany Ng, an expert at the University of Michigan, also pointed out that this was the world's first carillon played by a black musician, Dionisio A. Lind, who moved to the larger carillon at Riverside Church 18 years ago .Mr. Merriweather announced that St. Martin's had not put anyone in his place.What has been going on at St. Martin's Church over the past few months has been a complicated story of architects and contractors, some of whom were hired by lay leaders of the church and others by the diocese of bishops.In July, the sacristy - the leading parish body made up of lay leaders - wrote to the diocese, expressing concerns that the diocese "may be able to pass the costs on to the sacristy" even though the sacristy is not involved in recruiting from the diocese commissioned architects and contractors had been involved.Some members of the parish have complained that the diocese is not being sufficiently transparent.13-year-old shark injured lobster diving in CaliforniaA shark attacked and injured a 13-year-old boy on Saturday when he was diving for lobsters in California on the opening day of the lobster season, authorities said.The attack occurred at 7 a.m. near Beacon's Beach in Encinitas.Chad Hammel told KSWB-TV in San Diego he was diving with friends for half an hour Saturday morning when he heard the boy yell for help. He then paddled over with the others to save him from the water."At first I thought someone was happy because they caught a lobster," said Hammel. But then I noticed someone yelling, "I was bitten!"I was bitten!His entire collarbone was torn open, said Mutton, he noticed this when he came to the boy.Hammel remarked: “To get everyone out of the water, I shouted:“ There is a shark swimming there! ”.The boy was flown to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and his condition is life threatening.The type of shark that attacked the boy is unknown.Lifeguard, Captain Larry Giles, announced at a media conference that a shark was sighted in the area a few weeks ago, but it was determined that it was not a dangerous species.Giles added that the victim had severe wounds on the upper body.For 48 hours, law enforcement officers blocked access to the beach from Ponto Beach in Casablad to Swami‘s in Encinitas in order to investigate and secure the area.Giles found that the area is home to more than 135 species of shark. However, the majority do not pose a threat to humans.Sainsbury‘s intends to enter the cosmetics market in the UK.Sainsbury’s takes on Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams, with beauty products in department store-like aisles filled with specialist salespeople.As part of a large-scale push into the UK beauty market of £ 2.8bn in size and continuing to grow as fashion and homewares sales decline, the larger beauty aisles are being opened in 11 stores across the country tested and, if successful, extended to other businesses in the next year.One reason for increased investment in beauty products is that supermarkets want to make maximum use of the shelf space that was previously used for TVs, microwaves and home wear.Sainsbury‘s stated that it will double the product range from beauty products to 3000 products. For this purpose, the range would for the first time also be expanded to include brands such as Revlon, Essie, Tweezerman and Dr. PawPaw can be expanded.The current product lines from L‘Oreal, Maybelline and Burt‘s Bees will also have more space. Similar to Boots, they are presented in areas that are separated by brand.The supermarket is also relaunching its boutique makeup offering so most products are vegan - something younger customers are increasingly demanding.Perfumery retailer The Fragrance Shop will also test concessions in two Sainsbury's stores, with the first opening last week in Croydon, south London, and a second store opening in Selly Oak, Birmingham later this year.Online shopping and a shift towards buying small quantities of groceries every day in convenience stores mean that supermarkets are having to do more to get people to visit.Sainsbury‘s CEO Mike Coupe said the outlet stores were becoming more and more like department stores as the supermarket chain struggled to compete with the discount stores Aldi and Lidl by offering more products and selling non-food products.Sainsbury's has placed Argos outlets in hundreds of stores and also launched a number of Habitats since buying both chains two years ago, which has reportedly boosted grocery sales and made the acquisitions more profitable.The supermarket's previous attempt to redesign its beauty and drugstore departments failed.In early 2000, Sainsbury’s tested a joint venture with Boots, but the deal ended after a dispute over how to divide the income from the drugstores in the supermarkets.Sainsbury‘s is relying on this new strategy after selling its 281 department store pharmacies three years ago for £ 125 million to Celesio, already owner of the “Lloyds Pharmacy” chain.Lloyds is expected to be involved in the plan, as four stores will offer a wider range of luxury skin care brands, including La Roche-Posay and Vichy.Paul Mills-Hicks, Sainsbury’s Advertising Director, said, “We have changed the look and feel of our beauty product shelves to improve the layout for our customers.In addition, we have invested in the training of employees who are to provide advice to the customer.Our brand portfolio leaves nothing to be desired. The elegant ambience, the convenient downtown location and a revolutionized shopping experience make us a popular destination for beauty issues.Peter Jones is 'furious' after Holly Willoughby pulls out of £ 11m dealDragons ’star Peter Jones pulled away with anger after TV presenter Holly Willoughby left a £ 11 million deal with his lifestyle brand to focus on her new contracts at Marks and Spencer and ITV.Willoughby doesn't have time for her homewear and accessories brand Truly.The pair's business had been compared to Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop brand.The 37-year-old talk show host of the breakfast program announced her intention to leave the station on Instagram.