How to take screen captures on iPhone?

Screen recordings with sound on the iPhone and iPad

Halyna Kubiv

Starting with iOS 11, Apple has provided a way to take screen recordings directly with the iPhone or iPad.

EnlargeScreen recording on iPhone
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Since iOS 11 you can create screen videos yourself at will, this is done easily with system tools. But there are a few hidden tricks that can spice up these screen recordings (with sound) or make them look better.

Enable screen recording on iPhone

In order for the video recording to start at all, you have to add the corresponding tool to the control center in the Settings app. To do this, select "Control Center" in the settings. The Screen Capture item should already be in the Controls Included area. If not, you will find the option you are looking for in the "Additional Controls" list, which you have to add to the control center with the green plus. The start button for video recordings can then be found in the control center of the device. If you press this button, a short countdown from three to one starts, followed by the actual screen recording. The red background on the time display (on the iPhone) shows that the device is currently recording the content on the display. The recording can be ended with the same button, it is saved as a video in the photo app. Alternatively, you can tap on the red clock display, which also ends the screen recording.

EnlargeTapping on the top left corner is a little faster than using the control center.

Start screen recording with sound

Apart from Facetime calls, you can optionally start the screen recording with sound. To do this, press the record button either a little harder (on 3D Touch-enabled devices) or a little longer (on iPads and iPhones without the 3D Touch function). A menu window will now appear in which you can also activate the microphone. Please note that a recording is not possible with such a method; the microphone is released either for screen recording or for the app with sound, but not for both applications at the same time.

Connect screen recording directly to apps

Apparently Apple provides an interface for the screen transfers. This means that you can record the screen of your own iPhone and send it directly to the desired contact via Skype or Messenger without saving the recording in the camera app. Skype and Facebook Messenger currently support the function, but not the iMessage (messages) supplied by Apple. As with the sound recording, you have to press the record button a little harder or longer, then the list with the supporting apps that are installed on the device appears. Sometimes the device reports and warns the user that the app must be activated in order to start the transfer.

Screen capture with no control center at the end of the video

You end a screen recording exactly as you started it by pressing the recording button in the control center. The only stupid thing is that exactly this action can be seen in the last few seconds of the video: How the control center opens and the record button is pressed. This is not a bad thing for private purposes, if you want to use the video for social networks or publish it elsewhere, you usually have to trim it at the end. This cut is not necessary if you end the screen recording with the power button. If you press it, the display goes dark, the screen recording that has been started is automatically ended and saved in the "Photos" app.