What are WhatsApp status for a word

On this page you will find numerous WhatsApp status sayings that you can use perfectly to indirectly communicate a certain message to someone or simply to make your current feelings and emotions public. There are numerous variants and texts for a status saying that you can use. No matter whether these are funny texts or cool sayings for WhatsApp or short emotional texts for friendship or love. As you already knew from well-known messengers such as YouTube or Facebook, you are also happy to use this function to really report the current status or that you are currently on the road and therefore have to expect a delayed response.

Numerous verses for the WhatsApp status for every situation and mood

So that you can find the right saying according to your own taste and for your current situation, we have created different categories for different moods and situations, where you can find numerous free verses for the WhatsApp status. Take a look around us, you will surely find some good examples and texts that fit perfectly into your WhatsApp status.

What is the status saying actually for?

The WhatsApp status saying should actually be there to briefly describe your current state of health or your current situation so that the person opposite knows where you are, for example, what you are doing and whether you have time to chat at all. Experience has shown that with many of your friends you always see texts like, for example, “I'm on the road” or “At work, can't write back”. So you can quickly and easily find out whether the person has time to chat or not. Or the current emotional state is often used as a WhatsApp status saying to draw attention to your situation and indirectly tell that person that you may not be so keen on messages from them.

Funny and cool sayings for the WhatsApp status

Since we ourselves have been looking for cool WhatsApp status quotes that should be funny at the same time in the past few weeks, we have created one of the largest collections of quotes on this page, which will certainly include a text for you. We have only listed short and crisp sayings here, so that they can also be used safely as a status saying in WhatsApp or in Facebook or other messengers.

Cool and short verses

Most often you see cool and short sayings in WhatsApp with your friends, which you may have already read somewhere, but still do well and decorate the field and give your very own touch. The verses can also be a bit cheeky, to maybe conjure up a little smile on the lips of the other person. Good examples of this are, for example, “I know I'm lazy - but I'm lying about it!” Or “Of course you can contact me, just don't stop at me.” You can find more cool and short sayings on our specially designed Page.

Sad status sayings about love or life

Of course, life does not always consist of highs, but also of lows. Life and love in particular sometimes go crazy and it is not uncommon for you to go through beautiful and sad times. Such sentimental and sad WhatsApp status sayings can also be used well. Some examples of this are for example “He who fights can lose. Who doesn't fight has already lost ”and“ Do you know that? You think of the old days. At first it makes you overjoyed, but then you burst into tears. "

Do you have any other great WhatsApp status sayings and verses that might fit on this page? Please let us know using the comment function or our sayings form.