Why do teens hate poetry

13 Year Old Girl Inspirational Viral Poem Telling Teens: "You Are Good Enough"

When seventh grader Olivia Vella, 13, asked by her writing teacher to write a slam poem, she knew the subject had to be important and personal. The powerful monologue her teacher filmed as an example of the assignment for future students has since been seen by more than 26 million people.

In the passionate poem, which is kept in an emotional, almost confrontational style, the Queens Creek Middle School student gives her classmates a glimpse of what it's like to be made fun of for being smart and ostracized for not being meet common beauty standards.

"Why am I not good enough?" Check out the poem, which has been viewed more than 26 million times

Jun.02.201706: 12

"They're in the stocks as people toss straightening tomatoes and hate heads of lettuce on your insecure little head," Olivia says in a rapid-fire shipment. “You cannot stand up for yourself because you are alone, trapped and defenseless. And you can't stand up for yourself because these popular kids are like the kings of the school and apparently what they say and do goes on. "

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Olivia's mother, Molly Vella, says she wasn't surprised by the content of her daughter's poem.

"We regularly talk about problems she has in school," Molly told TODAY parents. “To be picked for their grades, to be embarrassed to be successful, or to be ridiculed for their looks. After finishing sixth grade, she came to me and said to me, "Next year I'll be stupid because I want them to like me!" Fortunately, she didn't give in and drove on. She has not written poetry like this in the past, but I am very grateful to her teacher for giving her a safe place to express herself. It was therapeutic! "

Olivia's writing teacher, Brett Cornelius, told TODAY parents that he was impressed by Olivia's bravery in her monologue.

“Originally she didn't want to share - mostly because she was calling out the kids who had been giving her a hard time - and after some conversations about being a leader and showing other girls like her that 'it's okay' and she did it flawlessly, ”said Cornelius.

Olivia and her family are amazed that her words have touched so many people, not just in the United States but around the world. Her poem quickly went viral after grabbing the attention of local Arizona news network KPNX.

"It was crazy!" Olivia told Today parents. “Children in the hall and at lunch would stop me and say they felt the same way. It showed me that I wasn't alone in my feelings and that made me feel better. I feel a little overwhelmed by the number of times my poem has been viewed. It's too big for me to grasp. I think it's cool that my friends and family who live far away have seen it in their classrooms and people in other countries have seen it! "

Mom Molly encourages her daughter and hopes that she will take her own words to heart.

"While I am excited to have my daughter recognized and the majority of the feedback being positive, it is my greatest wish that she really turn to what she said at the end of her poem," said Molly Vella wholeheartedly, Nothing Will hold her back and she will find happiness no matter what direction life takes her! "


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