What is the eligibility for BBA


1. Basics

  • The legal regulations can be found in the examination regulations of your degree program.
  • During the internship, you remain a member of the university with all rights and obligations.
  • You are legally insured against accidents as well as free of charge in the pension and unemployment insurance (unless there are priority regulations from an apprenticeship or employment contract).
  • For Internships abroad The same rules apply as in Germany. If you have any questions in this regard, please consult the International Office or the internship officer.

2. Internship officer

Mrs Riemenschneider is the internship officer of the WBS. Your tasks include in particular the approval of internship positions, the review and approval of training contracts, the evaluation of the internship reports and the recognition of the internship.

You can reach them in the ServiceCenter of the WBS or by e-mail: bp-mandated-wbs (at) remove-this.hs-rm.de

3. Application

The admission to the internship is with the following forms (to be found in Stud.IP> see section 10 below) to be submitted in due time (registration by October 30th for the following summer semester, by April 30th for the following winter semester) at the WBS ServiceCenter:

  • The completed form must be submitted together with a current collective slip.
Apprenticeship contract
  • The university's own contract must be used, but this can be replaced by a company's own contract.
  • The contract must be drawn up in German or English.
  • Company contracts must at least contain the regulations of the WBS forms.
  • The contract is in triple Copy (one original plus two copies) to be submitted.

For the Submission of the internship contract the deadlines apply according to the schedule.

4. Admission

The examination of the admission to the internship and the suitability of the internship company is carried out by the internship officer before starting the internship.

Approval: The prerequisite is the successful and complete completion of all modules of the first two semesters - in addition, 15 credit points must have been achieved in the following semesters, i.e. a total of at least 75 credit points.

Admission with reservation: is Not possible; the admission requirements must already be met at the time of registration.

5. Approval

If a positive result is obtained after checking the admission requirements, the contract and the internship, the internship is approved as a mandatory internship with the stamp and signature of the internship officer. A voluntary internship is carried out without approval and cannot be subsequently recognized. After approval has been given, you and the internship company will each receive a copy of the contract by post.

6. Execution - change - resignation

The internship is in one related Period in one Company to carry out. Absences such as vacation or illness must be made up from a certain amount (Details in Stud.IP> see section 10 below).

After approval, a change of the internship is generally excluded.

If the internship cannot be started after registration, the registration must be withdrawn. The withdrawal of the registration takes place in writing and stating the reason to the internship officer. A new registration is required for the next date, observing the registration deadlines.