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Android 12: These smartphones receive the update

Dennis Steimels

Does your mobile phone also get Android 12? We reveal which devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei & Co. will get the next big update.

EnlargeThese smartphones get the update to Android 12
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Android 11 did not officially appear until September 2020 and it will take a few months until Android 12 is finally released. Nevertheless, it is good to know now whether your smartphone will also receive the next Android version and thus the latest functions (all current information). Google is already working hard on Android 12, and the first developer version appeared in mid-February. The first open beta of Android 12 will start in May 2021, because the Google I / O developer conference will take place from May 18 to 20, where we will see Android 12. The final version will traditionally appear in the third quarter.

Android 12: These are the new features

Important to know: Even if Google is releasing Android 12 at the time, it does not mean that the smartphone manufacturers are rolling out this version right away. Sometimes it can take months or even a year before the update actually arrives on your mobile phone. In the past, of course, Google itself and OnePlus were particularly quick with updates. Samsung has gotten better at least with its top smartphones and is rolling out updates earlier than before.

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These smartphones get an update to Android 12

Below are the manufacturers in alphabetical order with the smartphone models likely to get Android 12. The list is continuously updated. Status: May 7th, 2021


The current flagship devices Zenfone 7 and 7 Pro from Asus will probably also receive Android 12. Just like the successor Zenfone 8. And probably also the gaming smartphone ROG Phone 3 and its successors. The ROG Phone 5 is currently available.


Google's own Pixel smartphones will of course be the first to receive Android 12. In total, Pixel devices get the major Android update for three years. Therefore, the Pixel 2 devices with Android 11 are no longer available, Android 12 is available from the Pixel 3.

Huawei & Honor:

For Huawei and Honor, the update forecast is still very difficult. Huawei is still affected by the US sanctions and is not allowed to use Google services. And Honor, as a subsidiary of Huawei, actually - but Honor was sold at the end of 2020 and theoretically would now have the chance to get all Android licenses again. However, it remains to be seen whether Honor will then also supply existing models with Android 12 or only new models that may work again with Google services.

Huawei is currently working with the open source AOSP from Google, but the manufacturer cannot currently offer the regular Google applications such as Play Store, Maps, Mail and Co. The situation may get better again with the change of government in the USA, which means that Huawei should use Google services again. Here we have to wait and see.


As LG announced at the beginning of April, the company is leaving the smartphone business. They still want to offer updates "for a certain period of time". And so Phonearena reports that LG has confirmed Android 12 and even partly Android 13 for some of its smartphones:

  • LG G8

  • LG G8X Thinq

  • LG Q31

  • LG Q52

  • LG Q92

  • LG V50 / V50s

  • LG V60 ThinQ

  • LG Velvet / Velvet 4G

  • LG Wing


Motorola was once a pioneer when it came to the Android update policy, but things are a little different now. So there is only one version update. So Android 12 will likely only get devices that hit the market in 2020. We expect the G9 series, the Edge series and also the Razr folding smartphones to get Android 12.