Are there hormones in milk

As consumers, we have to question the health benefits of commercial dairy products as sold to us by the milk lobby. Isn't it rather a cleverly marketed sham package hidden behind the mass-produced milk?

Pasteurization - Today's milk is no longer a natural product

Children, drink milk so that you can grow tall and strong! Adults, drink milk for strong bones! - Something similar are the slogans of the milk advertising that give us an extra portion of Milchan's heart every day for the sake of our health. Thousands of years ago the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Romans valued fresh milk as a healing elixir and began to cultivate quark, butter and cheese preparation. However, today's standard supermarket edition is no longer a real natural product and its medicinal effect is extremely questionable.

The milk we eat these days has little to do with the milk our ancestors drank,

presented Dr. Davaasambuu in the Harvard University Gazette clear.

Decisive for the "milk turn" was the discovery of its preservation in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur. So-called pasteurization involves heating the milk to 60 to 90 degrees and then cooling it down quickly. This process kills both harmful microorganisms and lactic acid bacteria. The latter usually make fresh milk sour quickly. Pasteurization gave us the long-life "UHT milk" instead. The industrial dairy industry was born. But at what price?

Mass production encourages mass complaints

From the moderate milk consumption of our ancestors, a real milk gluttony has developed in our latitudes. The average German consumes around 67 liters of milk a year. The dairy industry gives appropriate stage directions for our milk consumption in the form of advertising based on the motto "More is (s) t more". Possible side effects that our modern long-life milk can bring with it (e.g. susceptibility to colds and infections, intestinal problems, respiratory and skin diseases) are almost hushed up in the mainstream media.

Because with pasteurization and homogenization, we not only have a longer shelf life for the milk. The milk protein (casein) denatured by the pasteurization or the milk fat changed by the homogenization could also lead to the intolerance of cow's milk. The actual content of vital substances in heated milk and the connection between milk consumption and osteoporosis are also questionable, especially since the osteoporosis rate is highest in countries where a lot of milk is consumed.

With the cancer study of the Harvard University However, the industrial milk problem has reached a new dimension, so that there is now a further argument in favor of a plant-based diet.

Dr. Davaasambuu advocates a moderate dairy industry in line with the Mongolian model, in which pregnant or heavily pregnant cows are not milked in order to reduce the risk of hormones. We could easily escape the milk dilemma by using plant-based milk such as oat, rice, almond, hazelnut or sesame milk and our calcium requirement via z. B. cover green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and pseudo-grains.


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