How is Michael Sam personally

Michael Sam solo again?

Michael Sam (left) and Vito Cammisano in one of the photos they once published on social networks

The first openly gay NFL professional Michael Sam returned to his NFL team in Canada on Monday after a two-week absence. Now it is speculated whether his engagement broke off.

The Montreal Alouettes football team announced that Michael Sam has returned after a 14-day absence. The 25-year-old surprisingly left the French-Canadian team in mid-June "for personal reasons" ( reported).

Now he returned just as unannounced: "It was always planned that I would come back," explained Sam. "I had personal matters to attend to. I did that and I'm back now." At first it was speculated that Sam did not get along with his teammates and had therefore turned his back on the Alouettes.

The tabloid media speculate about the background of the mysterious return and what personal matters he had to settle. The gossip portal TMZ reports that Sam apparently separated from his fiancé Vito Cammisano. There are three indications for this: The footballer removed several pictures from his profiles in social networks that showed him and Cammisano, including the picture of his marriage proposal. In addition, the couple has not been seen together for two months and Cammisano has published pictures on his blog that show him without his engagement ring.

The sporting future is questionable

Not only privately, but also professionally Sam has a hard time: The absence could have damaged his fitness, coach Tom Higgins told ESPN. "He has to train now and earn the trust of his team-mates," said Higgins. The coach also downplayed reports that Sam's absence was an unusual occurrence: "The door was always open for him. That goes for all players, his case was only more prominent in the media."

Michael Sam came out as gay in February 2014 ( reported). He was signed by the St. Louis Rams three months later as the first openly gay player in the North American professional league NFL ( reported). When he was engaged, he kissed Cammisano publicly on sports television, which led to some violent criticism; a representative of the Tea Party called it "disgusting" ( reported. His story was reported in the media all over the world, but he could not gain a foothold either with St. Louis or with his next team, the Dallas Cowboys. (dk)